A Quick Guide to Finding Open Source Social Media Management Software

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As the social media trend continues to alter the face and infrastructure of the business world as we once knew it, the need to keep up with the demand for content management is at an all-time high. Companies are putting more and more energy and resources into this area in the form of Social Media Managers and Media Communications Representatives. This can get expensive and overwhelming, so finding resources that can help alleviate some of those responsibilities is in the best interest of individuals and companies alike.

Social Media Management Software, What is it?

SMMS is a resource that is built to aid you in integrating content on various platforms across your social media presence. In addition to this, SMMS also is designed to help bring about analytics and marketing tools meant to develop a strategy for success. Combining these features strengthen brand awareness and perception. The most popular platforms that utilize SMMS are Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and LinkedIn. “The most common types of software include, but are not limited to, scheduling/ publishing of content, interaction analytics, and communication tools. Before deciding which resources will work best for you, it would be wise to make a list of the things you are looking to improve and need assistance with,” explains Zoe Hill, an IT blogger at Draftbeyond and Lastminutewriting. Here are a few questions to ask to help you better navigate this:

What are the non-negotiable features you have to have? How much do you want to spend? How interactive are you looking to be? Do you have a social media platform that you need these features to work with specifically?

Here are the Top 4 Open Source SMM Software Tools


Another top contender for SMMS is SocioBoard. This is free software that produces data reports and analytics for media managers. The main goal of this resource is to aid companies in making educated decisions when it comes to content distribution. “Some valuable attributes of this application are the high level of customization, highly interactive, Google Analytics integration, and publishing/scheduling tools. Some negatives of this platform include a lack of automated publishing, conversion tracking, and multi-account management.




EditFlow is an excellent open-source WordPress plugin. It has a calendar feature that allows you to see an overview of the month’s planned content, with tags showing what stage each piece of content is in. These tags work with the WordPress hooks and filters, giving you the ability to show whether your posts are published and change their timestamps, as well as change which people are allowed to view the calendar.

You can also add your own custom statuses to use on the posts, which you can then use to filter which posts you see on the calendar.

As well as this is the ability to add inline comments, that a writer and editor can use to communicate with each other about a post. Also, you can group users. Then you could email them all simultaneously, or notify them about a post all at once.



Circular Project

Mainly for scheduling tweets, the application Circular lets you manage multiple Twitter accounts – you pre-write several tweets, and Circular will automatically send them throughout the day at pre-scheduled times chosen and set up by you.

According to the software’s developer, Circular’s functionality is heavily influenced by the features of another, closed-source tweet-scheduling tool, named Buffer. It too has follower activity reports, as well as a Chrome extension, for example.

As an open-source Twitter app, it is truly unique. No other such software provides the killer features it does.

Circular still remains popular and highly in use today, despite the fact that development of the software appears to have halted.




CampaignChain is an open-source tool that helps you manage so much of your online social media presence – Facebook, Twitter, more professional areas like Linkedin and Google Analytics and other areas like MailChimp, XING and SlideShare.

It has a statistics feature, where engagement, lead capturing and budgeting are continuously measured during a campaign so that you can analyze them and then use them to optimize your  next campaign.

It also has a marketing feature that allows you to collaborate with your team, scheduling you marketing activities and milestones across all of your online channels, like Google Ads and Facebook ads. You can see everything that’s happening with your ads in real-time.

You can create Scheduled or Repeating campaigns. Scheduled campaigns have a start and end date, whereas Repeating campaigns could be used to publish the same identical posts and ads on social media every month, week or year after you first set up the campaign.



Ultimately, finding the right fit when it comes to SMMS and your goals is a lot of trial and error. You need to spend time finding what offers you the features that will propel your company forward in the ever-growing realm of media management.



As a mother of two who loves travel and business level training, Ashley Halsey is a reputable professional writer at Luckyassignments.com and Gumessays.com. She is involved around the world and continues to tackle notable projects.

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