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AbanteCart is a free, open source shopping cart that was built by developers with a passion for free and accessible software. Founded in 2010 (launched in 2011), the platform is coded in PHP and supports MySQL. AbanteCart’s easy to use admin and basic layout management tool make this open source solution both easy to use and customizable, depending on the skills of the user. AbanteCart is very user-friendly, it is entirely possible for a user with little to no coding experience to set up and use this cart. If the user would be limited to the themes and features available in base AbanteCart, there is a marketplace where third-party extensions or plugins come to the rescue.


Why AbanteCart?

  • Absolutely Free
  • Lightweight System Requirements
  • Easy-to-Use Dashboard
  • Sell Digital or Physical products
  • Data migration
  • Easy to customize with Layout manager
  • SEO Friendly
  • Support embedding into any sites
  • Integrations and Addons
  • Tools for advanced users and coders


AbanteCart comes with many features already built in. The following is a summary of AbanteCart’s key features.

Backend Features

  • Unlimited categories, products, images, orders: Make sure you check with your hosting provider to find out about bandwidth limits.
  • Multi-store: Host multiple sites from the same admin.
  • Digital products: Sell digital and downloadable products.
  • Content Management System: Create custom pages and layouts using AbanteCart’s layout management.
  • Media library support: Include videos and other media in your site.
  • Product attributes: List product options like size and color.
  • Categories and brands: Add products to multiple categories. Arrange your products by brand.
  • Discount rules: Create discount rules and coupon codes to fit your business model.
  • Customer account management: Let customers create accounts and manage their account information.
  • Bulk Import/Export: Use CSV files to make bulk edits or migrate platforms.
  • Data migration: Easily migrate your store from select, open source shopping carts to AbanteCart. More information here.
  • Shipping: Choose from the following shipping options: flat rate, free shipping, pickup from store, and weight based shipping. Connect with leading shipping couriers: Citylink, FedEx, UPS, USPS, Parcelforce 48, Per Item, and Royal Mail.

Storefront Features

  • Related and featured products: List products that might inspire your customers to purchase larger orders.
  • Multiple images per product: Give your customers a good idea of what your products look like.
  • Customer reviews: Let customers leave their feedback on your site. Future customers will have more faith in your site because of it.
  • Wishlists: Customer can create wishlists to purchase your products later.
  • Checkout with account or checkout as guest: Let them choose.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency: Sell globally with multiple languages and currency options.

SEO Tools

  • SEO optimized URLs: Generate searchable URLs for your products and pages.
  • Mobile friendly storefront: Mobile responsive sites do better with search engines. Choose a mobile responsive design to take advantage of that.
  • Other tools: AbanteCart also comes with an auto-generated sitemap, built-in meta-information tools, and a Google Analytics tracking integration.

AbanteCart Price

AbanteCart is an absolutely free, trusted platform with many enterprise-level features. The platform is easy to set up and to integrate with any existing website, blog, or article site.


System Requirements

This application uses minimal resources and can be installed on almost any server from the modern and fast PHP 7.2 to the still-popular servers with PHP 5.3+. Prefer cloud servers flexibility? AbanteCart can be installed locally on the cloud in minutes.



AbanteCart is built with the latest security standards and includes full SSL compatibility. AbanteCart also comes with Google’s latest reCAPTCHA to reduce the amount of spam on your site.

Important to note, that AbanteCart supports customer's data encryption and PCI compliant with some third party payment processors.



The dashboard conveniently displays your catalog, categories, products, manufacturers, sales, design, and more. For sites with thousands of products in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, the dashboard provides an easy and flexible filtering and sorting features.

Abantecart dashboard

Sell Digital or Physical products

AbanteCart makes it seamles to load, manage, edit, save, and sell products as business grows. The application is scalable and can support thousands of products no matter regular shippable products or digital like licenses or software.

Abantecart catalog

Data migration

With built-in tools you can migrate from older shopping carts to AbanteCart. You can use a CSV to easily upload thousands of products at once.

Abantecart data migration

Layout manager

The page layout manager provides flexibility for designing pages. The header, footer, and body can be edited through layout blocks. You can add your cart, home page static banner, about us page, social icons, HTML block, best sellers, latest, order summary, main page promo, contact us, and more. When you add a block, simply drag it to the area on the page where you want it to appear. For example, the latest block can be added on the left column of the page.

Abantecart layout


AbanteCart platform has SEO built in, with fields for title tags, custom page URLs, image alt tags, meta descriptions and keywords, and other search engine–friendly options.


Embedding into other sites

Embed your entire AbanteCart storefront into almost any page on the web! With products embed you can sell anything from your AbanteCart web store on any other website or HTML page.


Abantecart add to cart

Integrations and Addons

AbanteCart is build based on flexibility and expandability in design. Extensions are available in AbanteCart’s marketplace.

Abantecart marketplace


Advanced Tools

AbanteCart provide more advanced users and coders with API (Application programming interface). API build to provide same features as regular AbanteCart storefront and offer remote or mobile platforms to access shopping cart and perform lightweight eCommerce requests. 





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