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JUnit - A programmer-oriented testing framework for Java

JUnit is a simple framework to write repeatable tests. It is an instance of the xUnit architecture for unit testing frameworks.

Couchunit - CouchUnit is a JUnit extension for Database Driven Tests against CouchDB

CouchUnit is a JUnit extension to help administer tests run against CouchDB. It mimicks the syntax and feel of DBUnit by helping developers write tests that load XML style datasets to place databases in known states between integration tests. Written in Java, couchunit is a single jar (with 2 dependencies) that is placed in the classpath. A number if standard operations are used to store and remove couchdb datasets. Any number of documents may be declared within a single couchunit dataset. Couch

Ditter - A single file drop-in test framework for PHP

Ditter makes writing unit tests for your PHP applications as simple as copying a single file into your project. Just copy the ditter.php file into your tests/ folder, create a test file, point your browser at ditter.php and you're rolling! WARNINGWARNING! Ditter is brand new baby-software, just poking it's little head out of the egg. It sort of does the basics pretty well, but it has bugs. Try it at your own risk. Two second installDownload the latest version and save it as ditter.php in into th

Dynamic-entity-engine - Run-time entities generation, enumerations of entities, minimization of repe

Dynamic Entity Engine – OverviewAuthor: Rod Odin (Nikolay Chebotaryov) Published: March, 2009 Ру��ка� редакци� находит�� зде�ь. MotivationDo you know about the Heroes of Might and Magic game, or probably about Civilization? Or about another game with lots of different units like Dragons, Knights, Archers, or maybe Tanks, Super-sonic Fighters and Missile Cruisers? Or probably you have a business application with dozens of different business entities to be processed

Cunitwin32 - CUnitWin32 is a unit testing framework for C/C++ for Microsoft Windows

So why another unit testing framework? There was nothing out there that met my requirements. Namely: It has to work in Microsoft Windows (yeah, yeah I know) Tests should be independent. That means global/static variables HAVE to be in a known state. That means each test has to execute as a seperate process. Something free would be nice. Maybe there is something out there, but I didn't find it :-) Note: If you're using C++, just rename main.c to main.cpp. I'm interested to know how useful this to

Cutf - C unitary test framework

A framework for unitary tests in C and C++

Hxunit - Asynchronous Unit Test Framework for haXe

HxUnitA standard way of doing asynchronous unit tests in haxe. Means and EndsInformation on unit tests in general can be found here. There are two ways to write a TestCase with hxunit. Extend TestCase package;import hxunit.TestCase;class DefaultTest extends TestCase{\t\toverride function setup(){} // optional\toverride function teardown(){} // optional\tfunction testSomething(){\t\tassertTrue(true);\t\tassertFalse(false);\t\tassertEquals(1,1);\t\tassertIs("this",String);\t\tassertNull(null);\t\t

Hyk-jsipunit - A simple unit test framwork for SIP protocol

Abouthyk-jsipunit is a unit test framework for SIP protocol.Its goal is to provide a simple way to write test case & execute test for SIP protocol. InstallationJust unzip hyk-jsipunit-[version].zip to anywhere you like. RequirementsJava Runtime Environment 6 (1.6) or later installed. How to useIn IDE(eclipse) Include all hyk-jsipunit's jars in classpath(hyk-jsipunit-[version]/lib/*.jar & hyk-jsipunit-[version]/dist/*.jar) Copy hyk-jsipunit-[version]/etc/hyk-jsipunit.xml into your classpath(like