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Buzzbird - Live, Tweet, Breathe, Open Source

Buzzbird is a full featured, multi-platform, multi-account desktop Twitter client that does not require any third-party support applications (like Adobe AIR or JavaFX). Buzzbird is a twitter client built on Mozilla’s XUL platform, the same technology that is used in the Firefox Web Browser.

Andtweet - Light Weight Android Twitter client

AndTweet application is being designed to be a light-weight open Twitter alternative for Android. It allows you to read tweets, send Status updates, create Favorites etc. even when you are offline. Optimized for fast operation using both Touch and Keyboard.

Python Twitter - A python wrapper around the Twitter API

A Python wrapper around the Twitter API. This library provides a pure Python interface for the Twitter API.

Jtwittconsole - jTwittConsole is a twitter client for linux consoles

jTwittConsole is a twitter client. It is designed for linux, especially ubuntu, consoles. Therefore the twitter api is used. Features are: - showing timeline - setting new status - searching - showing messages mentioning the username - favoriting tweets - showing favorites - retweeting ToDo?: - showing messages directed to the user Installing? Currently there is no installable version available - just get the sources and pack a jar-archive. Usage: You have two possibilities to execute the progra

ptweet is a open-source twitter-client for text-terminals

ptweetptweet is a open-source twitter-client for text-terminals written in the python programming language. Ptweet is easy to use and configure. It runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other Unix-like operating systems. ReadmeRequirement: python 2.5 or greater stfl-0.19 <http://www.clifford.at/stfl> twitter 0.3.1 ConfigObj 4.5.3 validate 0.3.2 Installation: If you have already downloaded the source unpack it, and you can install by running: $ sudo python setup.py install Usage: First read the RE

Jtwitt - Open Source, multi-platform, Java based Twitter client.

The JTwitt project aims to produce an Open Source, extensible, multi platform, Java based Twitter client. Main focus of this project is creating and maintaining a set of Java libraries for communicating with the Twitter API, parsing the input, output and etc. It has fully functional graphical user interface and command line.

Twish - Python Command Line Client for Twitter

Twish - Twitter Shell, is a very simple command line, stateless shell for interacting with twitter through the Twitter RESTful API. Simple commands allow one to post to twitter, read friends timelines, add friends, remove friends, and other common tasks. The code is very compact and easy to understand and therefore easy to extend. The only dependancy is the simplejson module. All Twitter API responses are in JSON format.

MyTwits - A rich Twitter client for Windows powered by WPF

MyTwits is a free Twitter client for Windows XP/Vista/7 powered by WPF which gives you freedom to twit right from your desktop. You can do almost all things that you do at Twitter.com, get a new twits notification and update your status instantly.

N-Twill Twitter Client for VB.NET

Proyecto de cliente twitter hecho con la libreria TwitterVB2 y hecho en VB.net 2008.


Twillo is a .Net Twitter Client written using the Twitterizer Library.