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Zipkin - Distributed Tracing System

Zipkin is a distributed tracing system that helps us gather timing data for all the disparate services at Twitter. It manages both the collection and lookup of this data through a Collector and a Query service.

Jaeger - Distributed Tracing System from Uber

Jaeger is Uber's distributed tracing system, used to monitor, profile, and troubleshoot microservices. It is compatible with OpenTracing and it is built in the style of Google’s Dapper.

Hatch-timer - A stack-based performance logger.

Hatch: A Stack-based Performance LoggerCheck out the GettingStarted page! Release Version

Jstracing - Simple javascript tracing plugin

A simple attempt at javascript tracing for debugging and/or basic logging. Instead of using javascript alerts, have jstracing post a trace entry to a div on the page.

Pandorart - Simple CPU Raytracer

Simple CPU Raytracer written in C++. Features: Multi-Threading (OpenMP) Reflection Refraction Beer's Law Lights Point Area (Axis-Aligned Box only) Soft shadows Cameras Pinhole Camera Primitives Sphere Plane Axis-Aligned Box Textures Loading from TGA files Filtering Bilinear Saving rendered frame to TGA file

Vapp - Virtual Application Profiler

Virtual Application Profiler is an extensible framework for rapid prototyping of application behavior analysis and hardware simulations.

Spdrender - A simple ray tracer focused on multithreaded and distributed render.

A 3D image synthesis project written in Java using the ray tracing algorithm. Supports very basic materials and primitives. Focused on multithreaded and distributed rendering through a TCP/IP network.

Kinyk - A ray tracer

This is my ray tracer for my CS6620 class at the University of Utah

Jaytracer - Java Raytracing for Fun

I wanted to try my hand at raytracing. I know java. Here ya go.