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Stacco - Stack-based language with first-class environments

Stacco is a small stack-based language featuring first-class environments. The Stacco interpreter is written in Scheme and is less than 300 lines of code long. This small size is due to the fact that Stacco uses semantic overlap with the underlying Scheme language where possible.

Stack-atshum - atshum's Stack Project [ICS 413, Fall 2008]

atshum's version of the Stack Project for ICS 413: Software Engineering I, Fall 2008, University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Stack-jeho - stack project

Illustrates the use of Google Hosting for class

Stack-johnson - The sample stack project for ICS 413/613

Illustrates the use of Google Project Hosting for University of Hawaii software engineering classes.

Stack-tylerwolff - Simple stack project

A simple stack project made for use with google project hosting and subversion. ICS413 Fall 08'

Stackem - jQuery plugin - group objects with a stack and spread effect

stackem is a jQuery plugin used to group objects together with a stack and spread effect. Objects in a group are stacked one on top of another by default. The plugin provides methods to spread and re-stack the elements. This plugin is developed with grouping images in mind. HTML structureBasically, a group of elements is wrapped by and each sub-element must be given "item" class. <div class="stackem"><img class="item" src="thumbs/01.jpg" alt=""/><img class="item" src="thumbs/02.jpg" alt=""/><img

Stackuvg - Stack para entradas postfix

En este proyecto se realiza un stack en java que permite el ingreso de expresiones postfix y sus resultados

Stask - A simple, command-line stack-based task manager

Stask is a simple, command-line stack-based task manager.