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Solrmarc can index your marc records into apache solr. It also comes with an improved version of marc4j that improves handling of UTF-8 characters, is more forgiving of malformed marc data, and can recover from data errors gracefully. This indexer is used by blacklight (http://blacklight.rubyforge.org) and vufind (http://www.vufind.org/) but it can also be used as a standalone project.


VuFind is a library resource portal designed and developed for libraries by libraries. The goal of VuFind is to enable your users to search and browse through all of your library's resources by replacing the traditional OPAC.

Stu-luanvan-thuvienso - Luận văn: Xây dựng hệ thống thư viện số cho Trư�ng �ại

Sử dụng fedora 3.4 để làm kho lưu trữ đối tượng số. Dubin Core lưu metadata mô tả file. Search Engine gsearch + solr để tìm kiếm thông tin đ�c tài liệu và bảo mật tài liệu số online.

Gisgraphy - Free opensource geocoder and webservices for geonames and openstreetmap data

Gisgraphy is a free, open source framework that offers the possibility to do geolocalisation and geocoding via Java APIs or REST webservices. Because geocoding is nothing without data, it provides an easy to use importer that will automagically download and import the necessary (free) data to your local database (Geonames and OpenStreetMap : 42 million entries). You can also add your own data with the Web interface or the importer connectors provided. Gisgraphy is production ready, and has been

Forage - Search Abstraction Layer

ForageThe Forage PHP5 library is an easy to use interface to multiple back end search libraries. It provides a common interface while supporting unique features in each library by allowing back-ends to support specific features or not. Check out the Examples page to see how easy it is and the API Docs for more detail. Engine SupportForage supports the following backend engines so far... Solr Xapian Zend Search Lucene RoadmapVersion 0.1Indexing configuration Faceting support GeneralSupport for Sp

Django-haystack - Modular search for django

Search doesn't have to be hard. Haystack lets you write your search code once and choose the search engine you want it to run on. With a familiar API that should make any Djangonaut feel right at home and an architecture that allows you to swap things in and out as you need to, it's how search ought to be. The sources are actually found on GitHub (http://github.com/toastdriven/django-haystack/tree/master). This project page is maintained for ease in finding the project and perhaps someday provid

Uvmc-solr-search-plugin - linking symfony & solr

The umvcSolrSearchPlugin is a symfony plugin which permits you to index your models inside a solr service.

Spatial-search-lucene - Spatial search support for Lucene

The goal of this project is to open up our work on spatial search support for lucene. For more information about Spatial Lucene and Spacial Solr Plugin (SSP) please visit: http://www.jteam.nl/products/spatialsolrplugin.html

Oscommerce-search - SOLR-osCommerce integration

This project seeks to improve upon the search functionality of osCommerce. The aims of this project are to bring the following features to oscommerce search: faceted search results and filtering (number of results in each price range, manufacturer, category) spelling suggestions "did you mean...?" alternative search results "more like this...?" improved lexical analysis of incoming search terms eg matching "keyboard" and "keyboards" In addition to the following performance and security benefits:

Openesp - Open Enterprise Search Platform

THIS PROJECT IS IN PLANNING STAGE, AWAITING MORE RESOURCES IntroductionThe project aims to deliver a complete Open Enterprise Search Platform, by packaging several freely available components together. While the open source Apache SOLR enterprise search engine based on Lucene is a great tool, it is not complete without connectors, a doc processing pipeline and some query federation capabilities. This project aims to bridge that gap by compiling and packaging the state-of-the-art components for e