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Wp-alexa-redirect - Better “Alexa Redirect� WordPress Plugin

Better “Alexa Redirect� WordPress PluginThis is a WordPress plugin, which is designed to improve the Alexa Ranking of your blog by prefixing all your blog's links with the Alexa Redirect URL (http://redirect.alexa.com/redirect?...). Here’s what you need to know about it. How it Works:The particular plugin scans the entire set of links on any page of your blog while someone is watching it and it adds a JavaScript event to each of them, which upon clicking on the link (no matter is it a Left

Stdamodx - CMS STD-A.MODx

MODx is an open source PHP Application Framework that helps you take control of your online content. It empowers developers and advanced users to give as much control as desired to whomever they desire for day-to-day website content maintenance chores. STD-A.MODx is a mod for original MODx.

Wp-istalker-min - WP-iStalker Min WordPress theme

This project is a fork of WP-iStalker (1.6.2) released for public under GPL v2. Work in ProgressWP-iStalker Min project started on Jan 7th 2009. The first release would be made for WordPress 2.7. This project is still work in progress. Current versionversion 0.1 (svn) Stable versionn/a Joinping ck+wp-istalker-min@istalker.net

Siteposter - Публикаци� �татей �разу на не�колько �айтов

Программа публикует �татьи �разу на не�колько �айтов, поддерживающих Metaweblog API.

Buggedtechtools - A collection of unix-based scripts I use to make my work easier.

A collection of scripts I had created over time to make my work easier. STATUS: Initial code is now in the repository but you may not yet understand how to use it unless you know how to read a bash code :)

Formatage-html-edit-plus - Edit Plus : Reprise des fichiers HTML vers XHTML strict

Transformation des fichiers HTML vers XHTML strict sur le logiciel Edit Plus. Reformatage des balises avec attributs nécessaires pour un référencement optimum.

Django-link-exchange - Django SEO application : Manage links exchange campaigns

Django SEO AppThis little Django SEO App enables you to manage deep links exchange. ManageCampaigns: site information Links information: anchor, url, additional text Links customization: specific css classes, target, additional javascript (ie: tracker) BackLinks : url, anchor Check Backlinks automatically via Admin's Action (we are using http://code.google.com/p/scrapemark/ to analyze the backlinking page) UsageIn your project's settings.py INSTALLED_APPS += ('link_exchange')In your template's f

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