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Kolibri - The offline app for universal education

Kolibri is a Learning Management System / Learning App designed to run on low-power devices, targeting the needs of learners and teachers in contexts with limited infrastructure. A user can install Kolibri and serve the app on a local network, without an internet connection. Kolibri installations can be linked to one another, so that user data and content can be shared. Users can create content for Kolibri and share it when there is network access to another Kolibri installation or the internet.

Gintegra - Integrate Google Apps with universities legacy systems

About the projectThe iNtegra platform (site in portuguese) is an open-source project, developed in Java EE (using Spring, Hibernate, ZK and MySql) that will integrate all services provided in Google Apps Education Edition with legacy systems running in universities. We are working hard on a early deployment on the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora, Brazil. Code will be provided very soon. For contact please email me thiago.gama@ice.ufjf.br

Chicagorun - A web database that allows students to participate in Chicago Run activities.

Software that allows schools to create programs similar to http://database.chicagorun.org. This project was created by Chicago Run, and is being implemented by PSC Group LLC in Chicago. The project code is currently running the Fall quarter running programs for Chicago Run. We're currently working through a backlog of tasks created by the Chicago Run organizers and logged here: http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pixRIHxpzcj27Jrt5RifrLw If you're interested in participating in the project as

Open1to1 - Custom image/imaging development for open1to1.org and 1-to-1 deployments in schools.

This is the Open1to1 project. We're working to develop a linux image for schools to use with netbooks and laptops all over the world. One to one computing is here and we're helping schools get the most out of their 1 to1 deployment. We also are working on development of custom imaging solutions to make deployment of netbooks/laptops fast and easy for anyone.

Fenestros-ose - FenestrOs OSE is being designed for schools that wish to implement a low cost comput

FenestrOs OSEWelcome to the home of FenestrOs OSE. FenestrOs OSE is a continuation of the French language Project FenestrOs Edu and is being designed for schools that wish to implement a low cost computer room for pupils. As with FenestrOs Edu, FenestrOs OSE will come with a unique and secure graphical interface that will help pupils learn basic computer skills, use office software and play educational games. All applications will be launched on a powerful server by low cost thin clients or recu

Edubasexml - Edubase XML

Uses the education.data.gov.uk SPARQL endpoint to get the closest schools to a postcode, together with latitude and longitude.

Arrrt - A School Intranet system

A school intranet system done in Django, based on the Markham College intranet.

Bd-ltsp - Education Software + LTSP technology for schools

Our main object is to collect most of the educational software applications, to build a software distribution for chilean basic and medium education (both together are like K-12 education on U.S.A.). On this task we take the experience and documentation of projects like Skole Linux and LTSP technology, and some applications suites like KDE Edutainment. BD-LTSP google-group: http://groups.google.com/group/bd-ltsp

Achieve-dc - Achieve D.C. is a visualization tool used to display test scores of public schools in o

Achieve D.C. is a Google mashup exposing D.C.'s public school system. Find out where and which schools still need improvement based on their test scores.

Sabian - Sabian - Sistema Acadêmico Baseado em Internet

Sabian project is a web based system started oriented to \t management of brazilian schools. Sabian can run at lower resources machine it´s ideal to poor schools main located at country like brazil. Helps schools to manager your students. In future can be localized with another languages and countries. Sabian é um sistema acadêmico baseado em internet orientado para gerenciar escolas no brasil. Sabian pode rodar com baixos recursos computacionais, ideal para escolas que mão dispõe de comput