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JHipster - Create Spring Boot + Angular projects in seconds

JHipster is a Yeoman generator, used to create a Spring Boot + Angular project. Its goal is to generate for you a complete and modern Web app. It provides a high-performance and robust Java stack on the server side with Spring Boot, A sleek, modern, mobile-first front-end with Angular and Bootstrap and a powerful workflow to build your application with Yeoman, Webpack/Gulp and Maven/Gradle.

Titanium-php - PHP framework for programmatic construction of HTML

TitaniumPHP is a framework for constructing complete webpages programmatically, similar to constructing a gtk or winforms application. It provides a way to construct reusable blocks of html, update specific blocks via ajax calls, and interact with a database. It is highly configurable for specific sites while providing a simple basic template and script library that many kinds of sites will be able to reuse. You can read more about the design principles behind titanium on the design principles p


CFTurbine is a prototyping engine built completely in coldfusion. This concept is borrowed from Rails ’scaffolding’. The cfturbine engine generates coldfusion applications similar to how ruby-on-rails generates Ruby’s web based application; it takes care of generating boilerplate code. It relieves you from the mundane work and lets you concentrate on the exciting part. The engine allows you to engineer the SQL tables from scratch (or reverse engineer them from models). It generates “crea

Coren - PHP Framework


Gorad - GoRAD - RAD IDE for Go

GoRADA RAD IDE for the Go LanguageThis is the beginning of the effort to produce something like the Lazarus for FreePascal, but made of Go itself with binds to GTK and possibly some other graphic libs. StatusVery, VERY non functional and only for testing.

Jsdialogedit - Editor criado em HTML/JavaScript para confecção de Caixas de Diálogos gerando um c

Versão 3.0 Concluida disponivel na aba de Download. Utilizando uma interface do tipo "arrastar/soltar" é possível a criação de Caixas de Diálogos simples como "Aceitar/Rejeitar" bem como com recursos avançados como consultar Banco de Dados para popular elementos em tempo de execução. Após a conclusão da janela, basta o desenvolvedor copiar o código gerado e incluir na página onde deseja exibir a janela. O código vai sendo gerado automaticamente a medida que a janela vai sendo desen

Pkframework - Lightweight framework

This is a lightweight for develop small or medium projects. The intention of this framework its to use the same structure of your static website to make it a MVC.

Monkeystudio - Monkey Studio IDE

Monkey Studio is a Free and cross platform IDE written in Qt 4.The project has been started by AZEVEDO Filipe for his personal use around end of June 2005, and when he found it useful he open it to the community. The project has been welled received and some guyz join it or send feedbacks/new features. The current version is the v2 branch which succeed the v1 one and is dependent of Qt 4.7.0 minimum. It support Qt 4 projects management and embed Designer and Assistant to form a complete, fast an

Phptact - Develop Tactfully!

TACT is a relatively simple MVC framework that is driven by Components. I havn't yet moved it to google codes svn servers, so you can view the repository here: svn co http://svn.asdfjkl.com.au/tact/trunkCheck out the Quick Start Guide to see what you can do, and get started RequirementsLinux (Not yet tested in Windows) PHP Version => 5.1.6 (5.2.5 Recommended) Modules: php-pdo, php-json Note: json is strongly recommended, however if its not found it will fall-back to its own implementation of jso

Xmlos - Manage IHM to build web based systems trought XML Os

The IDEA : XML OS provide an framework based on XML definition of differents IHM to manage your database. WHY : 'Because at first we imagine, and conceptualize, and then we want to create - the simplest way is allways the best' 1 - You need to develop systems based on a database with frindly applications interfaces ? You need to do this quickly, and you dont want to work (developpers dream) ? You can create a complete management interface who manage a few tables with management in a few minutes