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Mango - specialized iterators and functions

Mango is a Java library consisting of a number of iterators, algorithms and functions, loosely inspired by the C++ Standard Template Library. It has support of 12 iterators, 16 generic algorithms and variety of function types.

Erl - Error Reporting Logic

Error reporting logic is a simple technique and tool for automatically generating error messages from first-order predicate logic based specifications. From a failing specification, ERL will produce a human-readable error message and will provide a "responsible object" that is designated as the source of the error. ERL requires that the host system implement a simple interface which (in our experience) is just a wrapper around your existing typechecker and a translation from any host-specific pr

Asbpa - Evaluating Answer Set Semantics for programs with bounded predicate arities within polynomia

This project provides an architecture and implementation of the evaluation of logic programs with bounded predicate arities which guarantees to be in polynomial space complexity bound. The implementation utilizes current ASP solvers (in this case, dlv) and Prolog systems (in this case, XSB) as the back-end solver components in the evaluation steps. The implementation was done as part of the work leading to the Master Thesis titled: "Evaluation of Answer Set Programs with Bounded Predicate Aritie

Composite Specification Pattern

I have implemented the Specification pattern using the Composite pattern in order to provide the ability to combine Specifications in various ways. I really needed this in a project, and I was surprised that I could not find any .NET implementations out in the blogoshpere, so...