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Coupa Express - e-procurement system

Coupa Express is an e-procurement system that helps businesses automate and control their purchasing process. It is so much better than manual purchasing processes. Purchasing automation guarantees your business moves faster, while approval controls ensure disciplined decision-making every step of the way.

Floreant POS - Touch POS for Restaurants and Dinings

Floreant POS is a platform independent Point of Sale application written in Java that greatly benefits Restaurant business simplifying order management, automation of kitchen and keeping control of cash. It supports Touch screen order management, Kitchen receipt print for faster processing of order, Multiple and partial payment in Cash, Debit & Credit card, Sales summary and details report and lot more.

Tomfor - Table Order Manager for Restaurants

The purpose of this project is to provide a powerful tool for waiters and cooks in restaurants to fill orders. To start browsing on the project site please start reading our wiki pages starting with our welcome page.

Tinysort - A jQuery sorting plugin.

A jQuery plugin to sort child nodes by (sub) contents or attributes. Very useful for ordering unordered lists or tables, but works on any type of node. Explanations and examples are inside the download, or check out http://tinysort.sjeiti.com/

Buggeros - bugger

Controle de Ordem de serviço feito em Django

Inventoryofswords - This is an inventory catalogizer

This is a project meant for experimenting with the DB4O framework, also to provide the Order of The Sword with an inventory management software.

Gastronomi - Gestione semplificata dei GAS - Simple forum and management tool for solidarity purchas

Gli strumenti di collaborazione disponibili in rete, come forum, blogs, social networks, non sono pensati per le necessità di un Gruppo di Acquisto Solidale (GAS). Ne deriva spesso che sono insufficienti per la gestione degli ordini e del calendario e sono troppo sofisticati per le necessità comunicative. Questo progetto è mirato allo sviluppo di uno strumento molto intuitivo e facilmente comprensibile da coloro che non hanno competenze informatiche, definendo un piccolo forum, un calendario

Ebayso - ebay store orders

Project ebay store order Programm help to buy on Ebay =) Automatic import of data from a letter from PayPal.