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Oauth.io - The OAuth Daemon is the open source version of the OAuth.io core

The Oauth Daemon is the open source version of the OAuth.io core. This is a background api server that runs on your own server that allow your clients to authenticate to any 70+ available OAuth provider.

Django-desktop-notifications - Django HTML5 Desktop notifications with NodeJS

This project indents to give to a django project the ability to make available to the enduser an instant desktop notification, thru the use of a Google Chrome Extension. This project uses nodejs as websocket server, google chrome extension as instant desktop notification platform, and django backend for the website. (But could be any other framework able to send some UDP packets the the nodejs server)

Cljstalk2011 - Example code for a lecture on ClojureScript

SourceTalk The slides (in German) are available here: ClojureScript presentation Also see: ClojureScript - Quickstart with NodeJS and ClojureScript - async http request to a NodeJS backend

Nodeftp - A FTP Server & Client Base on node.js

Just very fast. linksnodejs: http://nodejs.org ftp: http://zh.wikipedia.org/zh-cn/%E6%96%87%E4%BB%B6%E4%BC%A0%E8%BE%93%E5%8D%8F%E8%AE%AE rfc0959: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc0959

Nodejsmap - Implementation of a generic board game using node JS

Implementation of a generic board using : nodeJS web sockets inline svg (not yet) For running this project, you'll need antinode and node-websocket-server This project is part of the HackingParty.org experimentations

Naturaljs - 欢迎光临玲� lg.js 库主页!

我的js 库 玲� lg.js 文档written by sp42 2012.2.20 一�框架�框架……为什么����一个框架?长久以�,js在�务端中�是�角。虽然从96年开始,�览器鼻祖Netscape已�开始有�识地在�务端应用到出自自己之手的JavaScript,作为与�端语言��在一起构��一�语言,从而完�“一�龙�开�的目的,但是,结果�是,�� JavaScript 早期�完善和 Netscape 自身没�等诸多原因,Se

Relat - Cashflow, SaaS

Cashflow, SaaS demo (administration: Demo, password: demo)

Node-MySQL - MySQL client for Node.js

A pure node.js JavaScript Client implementing the MySQL protocol. It uses fast algorithms, buffers and as little memory as possible. This module is written entirely in JavaScript. There is no dependency on external C libraries such as libmysql.