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Nested-dict - Extension of defaultdict for multiple levels of nested dictionaries

nested_dictis a python library which extends collections.defaultdict to allow dictionaries with multiple levels of nesting to be created on the fly: from nested_dict import * nd = nested_dict() nd["a"]["b"]["c"] = 311 nd["d"]["e"] = 311 Each nested level is create magically when accessed, a process known as “auto-vivification� in perl. Documentationis available on google code or at http://wwwfgu.anat.ox.ac.uk/~lg/oss/nested_dict/ InstallationRun easy_install -U nested_dictor download source

genesting program fit irregular shapes into a container shape (nesting problem)

Genesting do automatic nesting of irregular shapes into a container shape trying to optimize the surface.

Camnest - A nesting software for plasma/laser cam

A software to generate G-code for laser / plasma cutting with nesting capabilities. Also useful for mill toolpath generation. It can be also used as an Autocad's DXF viewer.