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Snabaztag - Scala Nabaztag Library

A library enabling to call nabaztag api, written in scala. No pre-built binary are available, but you can build one.

Jnabserver - Java based server for Nabaztag/tag bunnies

jNabServer replaces Violet platform with a Java based server that can be run locally on a server machine or even on some integrated platforms. Developers can write plugin components, which handle requests sent by Nabaztag (button input, RFID input, audio recording etc.) and send back commands to play audio, move ears and flash the lights.

Mirrim - Use your Violet mir:ror on linux

UNDER CONSTRUCTIONMirrim allows you to use your RFID reader Mir:ror from Violet on your linux distribution without using the Violet website. Follow the installation notice and launch scripts by just moving on or out any zstamps or little rabbit. Mirrim is based on the work done on erawrim. But in order to have simpler installation, all the functionnalities are embedded in only one pure C software. Mirrim is still in alpha and was only tested on Debian Lenny. Comments and bug reports are welcomed

Nabazlib - A python library for programming your Nabaztag rabbit

Nabazlib is a Python library that interfaces with your Nabaztag and allows you to send API commands (such as motor, led or tts actions)

Nabazuite - a New aproach and lead over the OpenNab proyect

im trying to apply/learn more of PHP by trying to give nabaztag/tags more aplications and uses

Nabphp - NabPHP is a Open Source PHP-Library for communication with the Nabaztag

IntroductionNabPHP is a Open Source PHP-Library for communication with the Nabaztag. Currently it is very simple, but it alreade has some nice features like a choeographie constructor.

Maven-rabbit-plugin - Maven plugin allowing to manipulate a Nabaztag

This Maven2 plugin allows to interract with a Nabaztag. Configurationmaven-rabbit-plugin is not part of the official maven repository but has been uploaded to this site's svn. Modify your POM to add the following repository. It will allow maven to access this library. <project>... <pluginRepository> <id>maven-rabbit-plugin-release</id> <url>http://maven-rabbit-plugin.googlecode.com/svn/maven2/releases</url> <releases> <enabled>true</enabled> </releases> </pluginRepository>...</project>Then add m

Pidgin-nabaztag - Plugin for Pidgin that allows received messages to be redirected to a Nabaztag.

pidgin-nabaztag is a plugin for Pidgin that allows received messages to be redirected to a Nabaztag. To read more about this project, download, or contribute to the project please visit the GitHub project page.

Bunnybot - MSN Messenger bot for controlling a nabaztag bunny

MSN Messenger bot for controlling a nabaztag bunnySimply mashes up two existing MSN and Nabaztag .Net libraries: http://code.google.com/p/msnp-sharp/ http://code.google.com/p/q42nabaztagapi/

Lapin - Java API for Nabaztag rabbit.

lAPIn allows to programmaticaly manipulate a Nabaztag rabbit. It is based on the API documentation provided by the vendor. API aims to be simple and to give access to all Nabaztag functionnalities. //Here you have to provide your Nabaztag identification. Those information can be retrieved from Nabaztag website.//Note that your Nabaztag must be configured to receive external events. This will give you the token.final String serialNumber = "";final String token = "";final Rabbit rabbit = new Rabbi