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Paho - Open Source Implementation of Machine?to?Machine (M2M) protocol

The Paho project has been created to provide scalable open-source implementations of open and standard messaging protocols aimed at new, exisiting, and emerging applications for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT). Paho initially started with MQTT publish/subscribe client implementations for use on embedded platforms.

Apache Apollo - ActiveMQ's next generation of messaging

ActiveMQ Apollo is a faster, more reliable, easier to maintain messaging broker built from the foundations of the original ActiveMQ. It accomplishes this using a radically different threading and message dispatching architecture. Like ActiveMQ, Apollo is a multi-protocol broker and supports STOMP, AMQP, MQTT, Openwire, SSL, and WebSockets.

SiteWhere - The Open Platform for Internet of Things (IoT)

SiteWhere is an open source platform for capturing, storing, integrating, and analyzing data from IoT devices. SiteWhere is a multi-tenant, application enablement platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) providing device management, complex event processing (CEP) and integration through a modern, scalable architecture. SiteWhere provides REST APIs for all system functionality.

Mosquitto - An Open Source MQTT v3.1 Broker

Mosquitto is an open source message broker that implements the MQ Telemetry Transport protocol version 3.1. MQTT provides a lightweight method of carrying out messaging using a publish/subscribe model. This makes it suitable for machine to machine messaging such as with low power sensors or mobile devices such as phones, embedded computers or microcontrollers like the Arduino.

Nottinghack-instrumentation - Nottinghack Instrumentation

Code behind parts of the Nottinghack instrumentation project, including the MQTT IRC bot nh-holly & server side parts of GateKeeper. Further details: http://wiki.nottinghack.org.uk/wiki/Nh-holly

Erlmqtt - An attempt to update mqtt4erl to support the 3.1 specification

An attempt to update mqtt4erl to support the 3.1 specification

Mqtt4erl - An MQTT implementation for erlang

An open-source client and message broker for the Message Queue Telemetry Transport, written in erlang. MQTT is a lightweight protocol for reliable messaging, designed by IBM, find out more at (http://www.mqtt.org/

Tclbroker - MQTT microbroker in Tcl

A small mqtt broker written in Tcl. If you have Linux/Windows see rsmb at mqtt.org for an alternative.