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eFront - Robust Learning Platform

eFront is a robust learning platform, bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from branch management to tailor-made reports. Its features include Content management, Assessments, Projects, Scheduling, Glossary, File library, Lesson rules, Scorm support and lot more.

MVC Music Store

MVC Music Store is a tutorial application built on ASP.NET MVC. It's a lightweight sample store which demonstrates ASP.NET MVC using Entity Framework.

Kolibri - The offline app for universal education

Kolibri is a Learning Management System / Learning App designed to run on low-power devices, targeting the needs of learners and teachers in contexts with limited infrastructure. A user can install Kolibri and serve the app on a local network, without an internet connection. Kolibri installations can be linked to one another, so that user data and content can be shared. Users can create content for Kolibri and share it when there is network access to another Kolibri installation or the internet.

Webpauker - Flash card based learning website based on popular Pauker application

WebPauker is a website that provides flash card based learning tools that make use of our short-term and long-term memory to help us memorize things. Learning with flash cards is very simple. Each card has two sides. When you learn or revise at first front side is presented. It could be a question or a word definition. Then back side appears showing the answer. If the answer was correct then flash card won't be revised for some time. Otherwise flash card will appear next time you sit to learn. B

Wordlearningtool - Manage English Word Learning

Manage English Word Learning, based on the psychological patterns.

Wordswillsavetheday - Natural Language learning software

Words is software designed to make learning languages fun.Project name 'words' was not available so I'm calling it 'wordswillsavetheday'. If you've stumbled upon here and would like to join in, please feel free to do so.

Stemplayer - A system for building complex branching interactions and decisions trees for eLearning

Stem is a flash system that allows anyone to build complex branching interactions. With Stem, you can develop interactive digital characters, simulate conversations and build rich scenario-based learning experiences. These types of interactions are great when a learner needs to practice decision-making in a safe environment, and learn about cause and effect, and is perfect for content that needs to be learnt by experience. Some of features of the system are: Scoring is based on a number of facto

Super-memo--convertor - Form the data file that can be imported into SuperMemo

SuperMemo is a learning method for fast and solid memorization. The goal of this project is to convert all kinds of data formats into that can be imported into this software for further study. Conversion from DICT.CNDICT.CN is an Online Chinese-English English-Chinese dictionary. Besides, it also allow the user to store unfamiliar words in a web-based notebook. Additionally, a simple interface is provided for the user to review these words for memorizing them. However, while the number of words