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The Bug Genie - Issue Tracking and Project Management

The Bug Genie offers powerful Project Management, Wiki, Scrum support, LDAP authentication, Email notifications, and a huge list of features like timeline, roadmaps, attachments, SCM integration, time estimation, customized workflows and lot more.

Tracish - An endeavor into making core functionality of the Trac project browser available to other

Trac, http://trac.edgewall.org/, is a popular open-source package written in python for self-hosting software development. Trac includes simple wiki functionality, issue tracking, and integration with version control such as subversion, including the ability to link issue tracking data to versions, and to browse version control history online.I'd like to expose the core engine via Zope3 Interfaces and/or Python Enterprise Application Kit Protocols, the latter of which may even be compatible with

AdvTicket, New Generation HelpDesk, TicketTracker, BugTracking Solution

AdvTicket Asp.Net Mvc based New Generation Helpdesk, Support Desk, Ticket Tracker, Bug Tracking, Issue Tracking Solution.


This is a simple Dnn Module for Project/Tasks/time management. I hope you all found it useful.

Community Add-on's for Gemini Issue Tracker

Countersoft Gemini Community Add-on's project providing users with additional integrations with Gemini, an ASP.NET Issue Tracker / Bug Tracker / Project Management platform.

Redmine Task List

Redmine Task List Visual Studio Package.