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Gii-template-collection - Gii Template Collection

This is the (not yet) official Gii Template Collection for the Yii Framework.

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Giix - gii Extended

giixgiix is gii Extended, a code generator for Yii PHP framework. giix is inspired and based on gii-template-collection (gtc), by Herbert Maschke (thyseus). giix is free software and is dual-licensed under the terms of the new BSD License and under the terms of GNU GPL v3. See the LICENSE file. Linksgiix extension page Forum discussion for giix Acknowledgementsgiix is inspired and uses code from Yii PHP framework and gii-template-collection. Many thanks to Qiang Xue, Herbert Maschke and the cont

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Icrud - Advanced CRUD (scaffolding) for Yii

CRUD command that can be executed from YiiFramework console. Also it adds support for i18n and advanced support for referenced fields (foreign keys) and generates better input fields when DATE data fields and similar. Also, This project integrates support for Srbac extension (but not required). This project is currently maintained as part of another module: Gii Template Collection (GTC). code.google.com/p/gii-template-collection/ Give it a try.

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