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RocksDB - A persistent key-value store for fast storage environments

RocksDB is an embeddable persistent key-value store for fast storage. RocksDB builds on LevelDB to be scalable to run on servers with many CPU cores, to efficiently use fast storage, to support IO-bound, in-memory and write-once workloads, and to be flexible to allow for innovation. It is especially suited for storing data on flash drives. It has multi-threaded compactions, making it specially suitable for storing multiple terabytes of data in a single database.

Exfat - Free exFAT file system implementation

This project aims to provide a full-featured exFAT file system implementation for GNU/Linux and other Unix-like systems as a FUSE module and a set of utilities. exFAT is a Microsoft file system optimized for flash drives. This project is a open source implementation of it. It also supported in a number of media devices such as modern flat panel TVs, media centers, and portable media players.

Panic Key Monitor

Panic Key Monitor is a program that monitors presence of usb flash drive with secret key. If flash drive is removed and no pin code was entered then Panic Key Monitor executes custom batch file. It is developed using VB.NET, Windows Services, WPF, WCF.

Flash Scan

Flash drive scanner for malicious programs.