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Scribe - Real time log aggregation used in Facebook

Scribe is a server for aggregating log data that's streamed in real time from clients. It is designed to be scalable and reliable. It is developed and maintained by Facebook. It is designed to scale to a very large number of nodes and be robust to network and node failures. There is a scribe server running on every node in the system, configured to aggregate messages and send them to a central scribe server (or servers) in larger groups.

RocksDB - A persistent key-value store for fast storage environments

RocksDB is an embeddable persistent key-value store for fast storage. RocksDB builds on LevelDB to be scalable to run on servers with many CPU cores, to efficiently use fast storage, to support IO-bound, in-memory and write-once workloads, and to be flexible to allow for innovation. It is especially suited for storing data on flash drives. It has multi-threaded compactions, making it specially suitable for storing multiple terabytes of data in a single database.


jquery social media plugin that aggregates and combines Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest and.. Combine social feeds from multiple social networks or RSS in elegant layouts via this social plugin.

LiveUpload to Facebook

LiveUpload to Facebook is a plug-in for Windows Live Photo Gallery and Windows Live Movie Maker that makes it easy for anyone to upload their photos and videos to Facebook.

Facebook4J - A most easily usable Facebook API wrapper in Java

A Java library for the Facebook Graph API. This library provides the ease of use like Twitter4J. Facebook4J is an unofficial library.

Worldofchaos - World of Chaos RPG Facebook/MMORPG Game

A simple RPG style game designed for mainly Facebook platform, as well as easy standalone adoption for hosted MMORPG online gaming. The game will run on Google AppEngine, written in Python or Java (yet to be decided). The game is set on a 2D tiled map & images representing each player and items. Player status window and related windows within a medieval theme graphic frame. Some of the game play and options to be included in the initial version: - Map based where all players roam around. - Map h

Wosaic - Cross-platform application to create a photo mosaic, using pictures from Flickr, Facebook,

WosaicEver wondered what you could do with all the hundreds of digital pictures that you've accumulated? Why not make a mosaic? Wosaic is an open source project that allows you to recreate an existing image by using many smaller images, as shown above. It was started as a project for CS 242 - Programming Studio at UIUC, and will be continuing on to Engineering Open House in the Spring of 2008. Wosaic is not the only program of its kind. Several other solutions already exist, however Wosaic aims

Starnet-project - A video social shuffle recommendation network

Starnet Espace de recherche DistancesDistances entre utilisateurs Distances entre titres Distances entre groupes d'utilisateurs Distances entre groupes de titres IntrospectionVisualiser sa répartition de notes Visualiser le parcours dans le graphe des titres Visualiser sa contribution à la découverte / à la construction du site TitreVisualiser son parcours Fonctionnement généralUn titre, une personne = un flux rss

Statsbook - An open-source facebook app for tracking your friends.

Satsbook uses a specialized formula to track what friends you talk to the most and what methods you talk to them with.

Tuentidad - TuEntidad is a service that incorporate all the features of real life in a virtual world

Developed during the boom of social networks as a new global application, in star form, which gives users all the options to be considered as a telematic extension of real life. It is defined as a "virtual society"; where there are entities (users, companies, associations, agencies, etc) that can intercommunicate in multiple ways. These communication forms starts from simple message included publish media (pictures, videos, sound, etc.), until the transmission of all types of digital complex inf