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RosarioSIS - Student Information System

RosarioSIS is a web based Student Information System designed for school administration. It provides tools and access to administrators, teachers, parents and students. It features a multilingual interface and connectivity with Moodle.

eduTrac - Student Information System

eduTrac is an open source student information system that allows schools to manage faculty, staff, students, courses, course sections, NSLC transmissions, IPEDS, and more.

Wwwschool - Distance learning and web based training for online schools

There are many reasons why people in many different situations may wish to access education and receive support via the Web. Distance learning is appropriate for the full range of education from primary to further education and training. Amongst examples of distance learning programs that I have sampled, some are very expensive, some are complex and others do not offer everything which is needed for an effective solution. The aim of this project is to build a "complete solution" for an online sc

Studentcp - BTA Wiedenest Student Control Panel

This projects hosts the code of the BTA Wiedenest (http://www.bta-wiedenest.de/) Student Control Panel, where students can enter hour records, mailing list control (planned) and other features (planned).

Dzienniczek - Dzienniczek Ucznia 3

An application developed mainly to learn Qt4. Dedicated to mid and hight-school students in Poland. Full iformation (in polish!) are on project's official homepage: http://dzienniczek.mrblur.net

Peerschool - Technology for an online collaborative peer to peer school.

PeerSchool is a technology platform for enabling an online collaborative school. It will provide technology for creating a comprehensive online learning environment complete with Lectures, Problems, Discussion forum, and a rating system for the content. The focus is on scalability of the system and self sustainability. Before we produce any code we need to stimulate the discussion about what technology/projects should be used/integrated. Please do use the discussion group. |Peer School

Open1to1 - Custom image/imaging development for open1to1.org and 1-to-1 deployments in schools.

This is the Open1to1 project. We're working to develop a linux image for schools to use with netbooks and laptops all over the world. One to one computing is here and we're helping schools get the most out of their 1 to1 deployment. We also are working on development of custom imaging solutions to make deployment of netbooks/laptops fast and easy for anyone.

Myschoolresults - Calculez vos moyennes et gérez vos notes!

C'une application pour calculer les moyennes des lycéens Marocains ,elle contienne les coeffecients et martiéres de 22 branches scientifiques,techniques et littéraire,vous n'avez qu'a choisir votre niveau et tapez vos notes du controle continu et obtenir ainsi les moyennes de matiére et la moyenne générale ! vous pouvez aussi sauvgarder votre bulltein,le protéger avec un mot de passe,et le convertir en une feuille Excel (format CSV),et vous avez aussi l'accée a une fenétre de statistiqu

Pgambling-uhcl - This project hosts Philippe Gambling's course work from the University of Houst

I completed a software engineering master's degree at the University of Houston Clear Lake. This project hosts all my course work from UHCL. All the work here is for my own education, but please feel free to browse, learn, and evaluate (prospective employers) for yourself.

Noplagia - Noplagia is a software able to detect plagiarism on internet

Projet noplagiaNoplagia est une application web de détection de plagiat sur internet développé depuis 2007. Voici une petite présentation sur youtube. Noplagia en quelques pointsLicence libre GNU/GPL Ecrit en perl. Interface full web et console. Independant de votre SGBD. valide XHTML. Multilingues. Gère les fichiers de type pdf,html et texte brut. Séparation du code de présentation et du code logique... Démo en ligne pour testeurDemandez nous un compte pour tester la démo complètement