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HandyJSON - A handy swift json-object serialization/deserialization library

HandyJSON is a framework written in Swift which to make converting model objects( pure classes/structs ) to and from JSON easy on iOS.Compared with others, the most significant feature of HandyJSON is that it does not require the objects inherit from NSObject(not using KVC but reflection), neither implements a 'mapping' function(writing value to memory directly to achieve property assignment).

Tin Can API (xapi.codeplex.com)

The creation of C# libraries to support the rapid roll-out of projects that utilise the Tin Can API protocol.


Daabli is a lightweight deserialization framework for C#.

Liquifier - Complete serialisation/deserialisation for complex object graphs

Liquifier is a serialisation/deserialisation library for preserving object graphs with references intact. Liquifier uses attributes and interfaces to allow the user to control how a type is serialised - the aim is to free the user from having to write code to serialise and de...

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