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Liquibase - Source control for your Database

Liquibase is a database-independent library for tracking, managing and applying database schema changes. It s main functionality includes Database refactoring, Update database to current version, Versioned approach to maintain schema, Database diff report, Rollback database changes to particular date/time and lot more.

Smilikiti - belajar java

Since DBMS has a different native sql syntax, and sometime we want to change our DBMS from one to other without changing the source code, the squad idea is to turn its object into sql syntax that match to every DBMS. This project is only deal with the sql syntax without taking a care of data object, resultset or similar stuff. So... import the package, use it as your sql builder by creating some squad object, and execute the result normally. ya pokoke begitu lah... sori bhs. ingeris nya smilikit

Bscdb - A Brief, Simple and Crude DBMS

It's a smart DBMS. It should be C and some CPP or Java. And there may be some other APIs needed in the future.

Crappydbms - A very simple relational dbms

A very simple and minimal relational DBMS in Java, coded to learn about concurrency control. Basically, it lets you create custom relations and use some relation algebra operations with guaranteed isolability, and not so much guaranteed durability, atomicity and consistency, because i was lazy and did not want to implement a logging scheme. Think of it as a fixed-size record file glorified with concurrency control, instead of a dbms, since that description suits is better. It has: Of course, the

Bitsea - Object Database

Bit Sea is an portable database system suitable for a range of applications, including large-scale systems and embedded systems. It standardizes the database layout, allowing implementations in multiple languages. The same database can be accessed from many platforms, including Java and .NET. For large scale systems, you'll find support for multi-version concurrency, partitioned data sets, and a parallelized query and indexing engine. Objects are addressed using 128 bit identifiers. That, along

Locksandversioningmanager - Manage locks on files and their versioning (client - server)

The project consists on a Server hosting different program files and several clients which can log in to the server and editing files getting their lock. The project also supports the versioning of the edited files. Users and file information are stored into a DBMS embedded into the application

Pdopageclass - pdo page class

Some development of PHP, deal with page is the one of most application. so programer always do this thing. And PHP doesn't do very well about interface of database before the version 5.1,because it's different for different DBMS. But in version 5.1, there is a good thing named 'pdo', so it become same to deal with different DBMS. I things some program need a class which deal with page with the pdo.

Portabledb - PortableDB is a portable database management library written in C.

PortableDB, as a part of my final BA-paper, is a practical implementation of a database management function library. It is written in the C programming language. The databases created by this library consist of just one file, so they can be easily transferred from one place to another (for example - with an USB pen drive etc.). It is still in alpha (development) phase. The IDE is Eclipse 3.3.2. (CDT)

Kanondbms - DBMS for teaching purposes

Java-based DBMS suited for teaching transactions, concurrency and recovery