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CloverETL - Rapid Data Integration

Java based data integration framework can be used to transform/map/manipulate data in various formats (CSV,FIXLEN,XML,XBASE,COBOL,LOTUS, etc.); can be used standalone or embedded(as a library). Connects to RDBMS/JMS/SOAP/LDAP/S3/HTTP/FTP/ZIP/TAR.

Metadata Extractor - Extracts EXIF, IPTC and XMP metadata from image files

metadata-extractor is a straightforward Java library for reading metadata from image files. The library understands several formats of metadata, many of which may be present in a single image. With that metadata object, you can iterate or query the various tag values that were read from the image.

Ingestor - Import data into Sempedia the easy way

A web based tool for extracting data from various file formats such as csv and xls and importing them directly into Sempedia as objects with some class definition.