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Sonar - Code quality for all languages

Sonar is an open platform to manage code quality. As such, it covers the 7 axes of code quality: Design, Code duplication, Unit test, Code complexity, Potential bugs, Coding rules, Comments. It has support for multiple languages like .NET, PHP, Java etc.

Panopticode - Gathers, Correlats, and displays code metrics

The Panopticode project provides a set of open source tools for gathering, correlating, and displaying code metrics. It evaluates software quality and ensures coding standards. It installs and configures set of tools like Emma or Cobertura for unit test code coverage, Checkstyle to validate the coding standards, JDepend to check the dependency, JavaNCSS for Cyclomatic Complexity metrics.

EMMA Java code coverage tool

EMMA is an open-source toolkit for measuring and reporting Java code coverage. EMMA can instrument classes for coverage either offline (before they are loaded) or on the fly (using an instrumenting application classloader). The coverage stats are aggregated at method, class, package, and "all classes" levels. EMMA can instrument individial class files or entire jars.

Cobertura - Code coverage tool

Cobertura is a Java tool that calculates the percentage of code accessed by tests. It can be used to identify which parts of your Java program are lacking test coverage. it instruments Java bytecode after it has been compiled. Reports are generated in HTML and XML. It shows cyclomatic code complexity of each class, and the average cyclomatic code complexity for each package and for the overall product.

Turbobytes-cocomon - COde COverage MONitor - To monitor unit test code coverage on a release by rele

In an ideal world all software projects will start with a strict process for automated unit testing and more importantly will stick to it. Unfortunately at this point in time it is just a fantasy. I am a firm believer of unit testing and will go out of my way to make sure that every bit of code I write is covered with unit tests. But sometimes, reality sinks in and I am deployed into projects that have been churning out code for a few years with little or no consideration for automated unit test

Pre-commit-hook-csharp - SVN Pre-Commit hook in C# for checking code coverage thresholds of code fil

SVN pre-commit hook developed in C# .NET VS 2008 which checks the C# code files for required code coverage and cancels the transactions if they are below the given (configured) threshold. The desired threshold is configurable through xml file and can be applied either to assembly or to the code file. The pre-commit hook also forbids the committing of certain folders like "bin" and "debug" and files with extensions "suo", "user", etc. This is also configurable through xml file. Unit tests are exe

VSTS Code Coverage Runner - Get VS Code Coverage from NUnit or MbUnit

This project is an attempt to provide a wrapper around the VSTS instrumentation and code coverage tools. VSTS provides very powerful code coverage tools with Visual Studio, but as packaged, you need to be running MSTest unit tests to obtain this coverage data. There is a way ...


A code coverage tool for .NET 2 and above, support for 32 and 64 processes (including Silverlight) with both branch and sequence points.


It stands for eXTreme COVERage, a web based .NET code coverage reporting tool on top of VS CoveragAPIs. It provides the coverage summary in an enhanced way what VS tools does not Provide.

[Ex] VS2010 UnitTest Coverage Analyzer

Analyzing Visual Studio Unittest Coverage Exported XML file