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Darpooling - Darpooling - Distributed Carpooling

Darpooling is the project of a network of distributed carpooling servers The main idea is a simple P2P network, which everyone can join, working as an infrastructure for easy and effective carpooling service. The distributed and decentralized nature of P2P networks allows the system to grow thanks to its users.

You-move - Social network for an open mobility program

Share your rides, vehicles and movements with your friends or the world. Let's try to find a smart way for a sustainable transportation policy

Roadmate - Car Pooling Web Application

IntroductionRoadMate is a social networking site designed to help users organise and manage carpooling within New Zealand. DevelopmentRoadMate was developed as a 3rd year software engineering project at Massey University. Due to resource constraints RoadMate developed as a proof-of-concept as opposed to a full blown system. It was seen as an opportunity to practice some of the theory taught over the previous years.