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Imperium - Billing and Accounting Software

Imperium is a web-based billing and accounting software solution for small and medium sized businesses. It provides basic CRM, Job Tracking, Invoicing, Double-Entry Book-keeping and Accounting features. Easily organize clients and contacts, provide quotes, track work and send bills.

Metasfresh - Competitive ERP Software

metasfresh is an Open Source ERP Software which is designed to be Out-of-the-box ready to use and with sophisticated vertical features like handling units and attribute management. It is a perfect fit for midsize companies in wholesale and manufacturing which are in search for high flexibility and high performance in data processing assisted with multi-threading and mass document creation. The software includes Sales & Procurement, CRM, Manufacturing, Billing, Accounting and more.

BillRun - Open Source Billing and Fraud System

BillRun is a NoSQL billing solution built for Big-Data. BillRun was designed under the perception that billing architecture should fit the complexity of Big-Data, not the other way around. It is tailored for enterprises with complex Big-Data, hence ideal for telecos, large eCommece/mCommerce sites, insurance companies, and just about any organization that copes with ever-growing diverse sets of data on a daily, hourly and real-time basis.

Tizona - Online billing system

For Internet providers (ppp, pppoe, ptp) services.

Countme - postpaid voip billing based on freeradius and mysql backend

this billing is front end for freeradius and mysql. currently support input rate,client, view statistic, export cdr to csv file etc.. i will continue developing this application

Gbilling - internet cafe billing system

gBilling is a free software Internet Cafe Billing System, written in C and GTK2. gBilling are multi-platform (Linux and Windows), multi thread, and database oriented storage through SQLite.

Gcwrapper - class wrapper for the visible Gamecreate.com WSDL methods

This class is a PHP wrapper for the WSDL methods available at GameCreate.com. It allows developers to remotely query, create, update or delete users, games or servers from their own project. It was designed with automated billing and provisioning of Game servers in mind.

Django-freshbooks - Freshbooks API and Django integration

This is combination of Django Forms and the Freshbooks API refreshbooks from Owen Jacobson here http://pypi.python.org/pypi/refreshbooks/. INSTALLATION: # Download dependacies easy_install oauth easy_install functional easy_install lxml easy_install httplib2 # Checkout the code into a dir named django_freshbooks cd /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages/ # or /var/lib/python2.6/site-packages svn co http://django-freshbooks.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ django_freshbooks # Add 2 settings to your settings.

Ctrack - Manage customers and domains along with time tracking

This source project was built on the Codeigniter framework and is now release as open source. See the README file for installation and configuration instructions. Any modifications or additions to this script would be greatly appreciated if you want to contribute back to this project by posting your changes.