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Wwatf - watir web application testing framework

Wwatf is a testing framework based on watir to do web testing only by fill xls , no script programming. You define the scenario and testing suites and testing case in xls, wwatf run it for you!

Jynform - Run scheduled jobs that report the results to their creators

This project is being created to save time for the user. There are many tasks we do on a day to day basis such as read web content, check our mail, do our finances, etc...I find these tasks to be monotonous not to mention difficult to stay on top of. With this project, jobs can be scheduled to perform the task for you and report the results to you so that you know them, when you want to know them.Of course, this is the initial idea. Where we go from here is in your hands. Kind of like the Matrix

Myebooksonline - Automatically catalog e-books in text, pdf and mreader format

An web framework that allows you to catalog your text, pdf and microsoft reader e-books just by dropping in a directory. It fills the required data, setup an online catalog of your books and would allow to fill in extra information, tags, favourite pages, ratings, times readed, etc. Multiple users can exchange books online.

Fittools - FitNesse/Selenium plugin with versitile fixtures for easy automation of Web Applications

FitTools: A Plugin for FitNesseWhat Is FitTools?FitTools is a two-part plugin for FitNesse consisting of: A format for Selenium IDE that provides support for FitNesse AND An accompanying JAR for FitNesse that Implements the Selenium IDE commands within the FitNesse Framework. FitTools works with FitNesse to give you access to all Selenium IDE commands, Allowing even the smallest Quality Assurance and Development teams the ability to quickly build feature-rich Selenium based automated functional

Eaa - enterprise accountant automation

A student academic project. It is a service that could be installed at any organization that will help handle all the stuff with money and HR

Ebasys - Electronic Business Automation System

Project is suspendedOpen Source web platform for business automation and software integration. Project is currently at planning phase. Please read the Vision to find out the details. Feel free to join the EBASYS Dev mailing list if you have any questions or if you are willing to join the development process.