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Selfservicetester - Self Service Tester - Running Remote Tests Made Easy

SeSeTe (pronounced as c-c-t) is aimed at providing testers a common application, accessible over web and can run their tests or kick off builds on remote machines.

Xmlblackbox - Your test cases in XML.

Simple - Easy - Powerful XmlBlackBox is a Java framework that enable to describe a test case in Xml. All generic steps are described by the framework (db content check, xml file content check, Selenium navigation, ...), other special needs can be solved with plugins. Plugins are simple Java classes that extend an interface. In this way every step of each test case is described in Xml and its flow is easy to follow. ...<!-- Example to do a selenium navigation --><SELENIUM version="1.1" name="Exam

Jwebtest - A webtesting driver written in Java

JWebTest is a web testing tool which aims to be a stable fast, lightweight cross-platform Driver. It would have a selenium emulation layer for making older test suites run faster and would have it's own object-oriented API. This project is in pre-alpha stage as of now.

Fittools - FitNesse/Selenium plugin with versitile fixtures for easy automation of Web Applications

FitTools: A Plugin for FitNesseWhat Is FitTools?FitTools is a two-part plugin for FitNesse consisting of: A format for Selenium IDE that provides support for FitNesse AND An accompanying JAR for FitNesse that Implements the Selenium IDE commands within the FitNesse Framework. FitTools works with FitNesse to give you access to all Selenium IDE commands, Allowing even the smallest Quality Assurance and Development teams the ability to quickly build feature-rich Selenium based automated functional

Clickframes-selenium - Clickframes Selenium Integration

Automatically generate Selenium tests directly from the requirements. The generated tests can then be customized.

Brewery-ci - Demo project for Continuous Integration

All of the scripts for creating a comprehensive Continuous Integration system for Java. This augments the book I co-authored, "Continuous Integration: Improving Software Quality and Reducing Risk". With these source files, you can create a full-featured CI system using CruiseControl, Ant and various testing, inspection and deployment tools such as Antinstaller, Cargo, CheckStyle, Cobertura, DbUnit, JavaNCSS, JDepend, JUnit, Selenium, Simian and Subversion . See the README.txt in the root of the

Tseng - Abstraction layer for elements and actions in Selenium Tests

GoalsTSeNG provides an abstraction layer for the elements and actions of a site under test, allowing for decoupling test design and site structure. FeaturesThe 0.1 feature set (available now) includes a TestNG test class that handles pulling values from a Test Suite file, using these values to set up a Selenium instance, and providing access to the freshly created Selenium instance. This is all Maven-ready, allowing testers to start writing their tests within minutes of a "mvn install" command.

Tcrun - Utility for managing, and running functional automated tests.

TCRun (and tcrunij or tcrun in java) is a command line tool, and a software test automation framework written by QA Software Engineers to help in writing, managing, and running automated test cases. There is a version in C# for .NET (tcrun) and a version in Java (tcrunij). Currently most of the development effort is going into tcrun in java, but the .NET version is stable and has been used for several years. TCRunIJ, much like tcrun, is good for any type of functional testing. However special ef

Robotium - It&#39;s like Selenium, but for Androidâ„¢

User scenario testing for AndroidRobotium is a test framework created to make it easy to write powerful and robust automatic black-box test cases for Android applications. With the support of Robotium, test case developers can write function, system and acceptance test scenarios, spanning multiple Android activities. Robotium has full support for Activities, Dialogs, Toasts, Menus and Context Menus. See Questions & Answers for common Robotium questions and answers. NEWS: Robotium 3.2.1 is now re