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Calaos - Home Automation Software

Calaos is a free software project (GPLv3) that lets you control and monitor your home. You can easily install and use it to transform your home into a smart home. Calaos has a long background in home automation and is built in several different layers. Low level as well as uniform and powerful user interfaces. It knows how to talk to hardware, and gives you the power to rule your home easily.

Open-zwave - An open-source interface to Z-Wave networks.

Our goal is to create free software to interface with all available Z-Wave PC controllers, allowing anyone to create applications that manipulate and respond to devices on a Z-Wave network, without requiring in-depth knowledge of the Z-Wave protocol or the purchase of expensive development kits. A pre-release version of the library has been uploaded. Please feel free to check out the source code and make improvments / suggestions. Join our group and discuss the project at http://groups.google.co

Taiyaki - X10 more easier!

NewsTaiyaki is back !! .. believe me :) .. after 2 years of sleep.. i decided to awake my project. (02july2011) Videos from Will Anibal Cuartin (cuartin@gmail.com) that uses taiyaki for his study project! What is it?Taiyaki is my personal project to make my home smart and "easy to use". To do that, i bought an CM11 controller and several receiver devices (watch this page for more information). It's not too expensive if you are an eBay customer ;). I have an small fanless server buy on eBay too a

Osae - Open Source Automation Engine

This is the source code repository for the Open Source Automation Engine where developers can contribute to the project. Open Source Automation has been created with the sole purpose to make home automation available to everyone. Currently there are many home automation programs on the market, but they are all very expensive. This makes it difficult for the average user to set up a professional home automation system without taking out a second mortgage. On top of the cost, these programs are ve

Omnima-stm32l-expander - Add-on board for MiniEMBWiFi to provide GPIOs, control Z-Wave, RFM70 2.4GHz

STM32L152 MCU based board Z-Wave ZM3102 module in controller or device mode 2.4GHz low-cost radio transmission module (Hope Electronics RFM70 module) 1-wire controller 1 opto-isolated input line 3 12bit A/D input lines 21 GPIOs I/O pinheader

Jdisco - Domotics Infotainment Service Center Objective

Disco is a pluggable touchscreen driven home information system written in java.

Homemate - HomeMate - Home Automation and Control (for Heyu and other items)

HomeMate is a PHP based home automation control panel. It currently interfaces with HEYU for X10 devices.It can schedule lights to turn on / off at certain times during the day, control all of your X10 lights and Appliances from the web control panel.Future additions include an “AOL AIM Bot� to control your home from an Instant messenger, condition based options for the X10 motion control and support for other devices.As it stands it’s essentially a front end for HEYU with some additional

Haa - Home Automation for Arduino

Home Automation For ArduinoTargetThis project aims to develop a home automation solution based on the Arduino Mega (http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardMega) platform. The first use case concentrates on how to control a solar heating system to heat up a house. This involves controlling pumps, and motor valves, getting temperature values and providing an UI via LCD display and a group of buttons. Future roadmapLater, additional features such as remote control and alarms are expected.

Ihouse-usf - Sistema Supervisor Ruby on Rails para Domótica

Sistema Supervisor Ruby on Rails para DomóticaiHouse project developed by Guilherme da Silva Mello as requirement for a Computer Engineering Diploma College: USF - Universidade São Francisco Advisor: Prof. Dr. Claudio Kiyoshi Umezu Update: Project source moved to http://github.com/guimello/ihouse-usf