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Bazel - Google's own build tool

Bazel is a build tool that builds code quickly and reliably. It is used to build the majority of Google's software, and thus it has been designed to handle build problems present in Google's development environment. A comprehensive, built-in set of rules lets you build software for a wide variety of languages and platforms right out of the box.

Jenkins - Continuous Integration Server

Jenkins is an award-winning application that monitors executions of repeated jobs, such as building a software project or jobs run by cron. It focuses on two things, Building/testing software projects continuously and Monitoring executions of externally-run jobs. Jenkins can distribute build/test loads to multiple computers.

Buck - An Android build tool from Facebook

Buck is a build system for Android that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules consisting of code and resources. Because Android applications are predominantly written in Java, Buck also functions as a Java build system. Buck builds independent artifacts in parallel to take advantage of multiple cores. Further, it reduces incremental build times by keeping track of unchanged modules so that the minimal set of modules is rebuilt.

Pants - Build System for Software Projects in a variety of Languages

Pants is a build system for software. It works particularly well for a source code workspace containing many distinct but interdependent pieces. It is optimizes for building multiple, dependent things from source, building code in a variety of languages, speed of build execution. A Pants build sees only the target it's building and the transitive dependencies of that target. This approach works well for a big repository containing several things.

Graddle - Build Process Automation

Gradle pushes declarative builds to the next level by providing declarative language elements that you can assemble as you like. Those elements also provide build-by-convention support for Java, Groovy, OSGi, Web and Scala projects. This declarative language is extensible, add yours or extend exiting one.

Spinnaker - Global Continuous Delivery

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. It helps codify the process of safely and reliably deploying artifacts to the cloud. It can deploy across multiple cloud providers: AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

Build-automation-environment - This project is concerned with creating a quality build automation en

Primarily it will be concerned with creating a quality build enviroment for java projects using ant and ivy.

Buildpy - build.py - Build & installation automation tool.

build.py is a build automation tool, similar to GNU Make, Jam and others. It's, however, aimed at small projects, which don't need complexity and robustness of the above ones. build.py follows the KISS principle - you can learn in in the matter of minutes! Generally, build.py is designed to be easy as much as it's possible, thus providing fast learning curve. build.py is written in Python - mature, multi-paradigm programming language. For those who know it - you do not need to learn Yet Another

Culture-shock - Turn programming into a game!

A little rivalry and competition never hurt anyone! Now you can see which developers are helping improve the development culture, and what's hurting. Points can be scored by: committing new code keeping the build green cleaning up old code reducing code complexity improving code test coverage adding new tests Points are lost when: build is broken tests fail code complexity increases substantially The vision is to build a framework that uses score-generator plugins. A score-generator uses whateve

Headlesseclipse - Generate headless builds of your application with Eclipse itself

NewsThe project is officially dead now. Both major contributor became Maven fan. If you feel like you would continue this project, mail to us, and we will grant you the permissions you need. Good luck, and go to use Maven :)1.1.8 published on 2010.01.14. See release notes for details InstallationUpdate site is moved to http://eclipse.indweb.hu. To install, use update manager of Eclipse. There are other plugins in this site, so use the following setting. Invite us for a beer AboutEclipse projects

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