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Keyghost - A Win32 Key Event Injector

A simple key injector into Win32 programs. I used it to streamline tedious typing of complex key sequences for my own testing. This code is covered under the GNU Public License, see attached license. The parsing language is rather simple. Essentially you create a text file that dictates what, when and where each key stroke will go. The language was designed with the idea that all keyboard characters are reachable. Here's an example #NotepadUntitled 1 - Notepad!200{_a+a}{_c+c}Line 1: The Windows

Omnima-stm32l-expander - Add-on board for MiniEMBWiFi to provide GPIOs, control Z-Wave, RFM70 2.4GHz

STM32L152 MCU based board Z-Wave ZM3102 module in controller or device mode 2.4GHz low-cost radio transmission module (Hope Electronics RFM70 module) 1-wire controller 1 opto-isolated input line 3 12bit A/D input lines 21 GPIOs I/O pinheader

Whistler - Teach your bird to whistle!

Do you have a bird and want to teach it to whistle but lack the willpower to repeat the same bar of a song over and over again? Have a computer? Well, using this program you can record a sound, and automatically have it played to your bird all day long.

R2build - build automation tool(establish your daily build system)

continuous Integration ,daily build(night build)and build automation tool, establish the nightbuild in minutes,only by adding build step node and link the node.It Support lots of develop tools:sourcecontrol,compiler,packaging,ftp,mail,auto Test..