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Foreman - Complete Lifecycle Management Tool for Physical and Virtual Servers

Foreman is a complete lifecycle management tool for physical and virtual servers. It helps system administrators manage servers throughout their lifecycle, from provisioning and configuration to orchestration and monitoring. Using Puppet or Chef and Foreman's smart proxy architecture, you can easily automate repetitive tasks, quickly deploy applications, and proactively manage change, both on-premise with VMs and bare-metal or in the cloud.

Coupa Express - e-procurement system

Coupa Express is an e-procurement system that helps businesses automate and control their purchasing process. It is so much better than manual purchasing processes. Purchasing automation guarantees your business moves faster, while approval controls ensure disciplined decision-making every step of the way.

Capistrano - A remote server automation and deployment tool written in Ruby

Capistrano is a remote server automation tool. It supports the scripting and execution of arbitrary tasks, and includes a set of sane-default deployment workflows. It can be used to reliably deploy web application to any number of machines simultaneously, To automate audits of any number of machines (checking login logs, enumerating uptimes, and/or applying security patches), To automate common tasks in software teams, To drive infrastructure provisioning tools such as chef-solo, Ansible.

Vagrant - Automatic Deployment Tool

Vagrant is a tool for building complete development environments. With an easy-to-use workflow and focus on automation, Vagrant lowers development environment setup time, increases development/production parity. Machines are provisioned on top of VirtualBox, VMware, AWS, or any other provider. Then, industry-standard provisioning tools such as shell scripts, Chef, or Puppet, can be used to automatically install and configure software on the machine.

Wwatf - watir web application testing framework

Wwatf is a testing framework based on watir to do web testing only by fill xls , no script programming. You define the scenario and testing suites and testing case in xls, wwatf run it for you!

Watirgrid - WatirGrid brings grid computing to WATIR.

Watir Grid aims to allow WATIR tests to be run in parallel across a Grid of Watir Servers. Greatly reducing the elapsed time required for automated tests to execute.

Watirrecordersharp - An IE scrapper for Watir written in C# (Fork from WatirRecorder)

Watir-Recorder-SharpDownload Here What it isThis is a simple scrapper for Internet Explorer to grab browser activity and output it as WATIR commands. NoteScott Hanselman created an awesome recorder for the first time Watir user in Watir Recorder. This is just a fork of the current SVN trunk as of 2010-11-04 with some new bug fixes and updates. ReleaseNotes for 20101201 release can be found here... Future ReleaseThese are the highest priorities: Remove Sandbar and Sanddock APIs from Code Move ove

Maxe - Linux host setup and configuration build system

maxe is a build system for managing the setup and configuration of Linux hosts. It was created for Linux system administrators who need consistency and the efficiency of automation. maxe is not for anyone perfectly happy setting up and configuring their machines manually, or who prefer using control panels such as cPanel or Plesk. Features: Automates, and co-exists with, manual processes. Builds a entire system up from a base Linux installation. Manages packages via yum, apt, pear/pecl, rubygems

Ihouse-usf - Sistema Supervisor Ruby on Rails para Domótica

Sistema Supervisor Ruby on Rails para DomóticaiHouse project developed by Guilherme da Silva Mello as requirement for a Computer Engineering Diploma College: USF - Universidade São Francisco Advisor: Prof. Dr. Claudio Kiyoshi Umezu Update: Project source moved to http://github.com/guimello/ihouse-usf