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Linux Desktop Testing Project

Linux Desktop Testing Project is aimed at producing high quality test automation framework (using GNOME / Python) and cutting-edge tools that can be used to test Linux Desktop and improve it. It uses the Accessibility libraries to poke through the application's user interface. We strive to help in building a quality desktop.

OpenMotics - Home Automation Software

OpenMotics is an open source home automation software. It helps to personalize your home by setting a different mood for each occasion, Multi-room heating plan, Power measurement right in your fuse box, Control virtually any type of lighting, Open/close electric doors, Control electric gates, Real-time data from each sensor, Detect heavy power consumers and lot more.

itom - An Open Source Measurement, Automation and Evaluation Software Suite

Software suite for operating measurement systems, lab automation and data evaluation. It comes with Python as embedded scripting language; hardware components and algorithms are connected via a powerful plugin system. One main application of itom is the development and operation of sensor and measurement system for instance in a laboratory environment.

Pants - Build System for Software Projects in a variety of Languages

Pants is a build system for software. It works particularly well for a source code workspace containing many distinct but interdependent pieces. It is optimizes for building multiple, dependent things from source, building code in a variety of languages, speed of build execution. A Pants build sees only the target it's building and the transitive dependencies of that target. This approach works well for a big repository containing several things.

Spinnaker - Global Continuous Delivery

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform for releasing software changes with high velocity and confidence. It helps codify the process of safely and reliably deploying artifacts to the cloud. It can deploy across multiple cloud providers: AWS EC2, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, OpenStack and Cloud Foundry.

Androbuntu - Android-integrated Home Automation using Ubuntu/GNOME

Androbuntu is an open source utility for remote control of a GNOME desktop, targeted specifically at Ubuntu Linux. It consists of two components Ubuntu server and Android client. It uses the XFree86 "media keys" for playback and volume control.

Svn-merge-fairy - Automated merging between subversion branches

The Merge Fairy is a Python script that automates the process of merging changes from one Subversion branch to another, based on an XML configuration file that describes branches and their dependencies. For example, you might want bug fixes from the release branch to be automatically merged to the trunk branch. In the event of a merge conflict or a build failure after merging, the Merge Fairy sends email requesting help from a human to make a manual merge, resuming automated merging once this do

Sugarbot - OLPC Sugar GUI automation project

Google Summer of Code 2008 sugarbot is a GUI automation utility for the OLPC Project's Sugar GUI. It provides functionality for developers to write tests for their Activities, and monitor those tests in a similar manner to unit-tests. sugarbot supports buildbot, so that multiple platforms and host configurations may be tested seamlessly. What is sugarbot? How does sugarbot work? Running sugarbot Scripting sugarbot See the wiki Index for more information, or visit the development blog for up-to-t

Buildpy - build.py - Build & installation automation tool.

build.py is a build automation tool, similar to GNU Make, Jam and others. It's, however, aimed at small projects, which don't need complexity and robustness of the above ones. build.py follows the KISS principle - you can learn in in the matter of minutes! Generally, build.py is designed to be easy as much as it's possible, thus providing fast learning curve. build.py is written in Python - mature, multi-paradigm programming language. For those who know it - you do not need to learn Yet Another

Culture-shock - Turn programming into a game!

A little rivalry and competition never hurt anyone! Now you can see which developers are helping improve the development culture, and what's hurting. Points can be scored by: committing new code keeping the build green cleaning up old code reducing code complexity improving code test coverage adding new tests Points are lost when: build is broken tests fail code complexity increases substantially The vision is to build a framework that uses score-generator plugins. A score-generator uses whateve