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Cga - code generator as assistant

Concept: Generally Codes are running based on structure. Therefore we will make necessary codes from structures and small annotations. - Generate code automatically from structure - Define annotation for helping analysis - Make appropriate codes from analysis - When modify , All codes are changed automatically. - Result is not dependent from languages. You can make your selected language as result. - More easier to use than commercial products (ex. rational rose , TAU ...) - Generated result : L

Anytopdf - Command line conversion of OpenOffice.org, MS Word DOC, MS Excel XLS, RTF, HTML, and any

anytopdf is a perl script that converts OpenOffice.org, Microsoft Office (Word DOC, Excel XLS), RTF, HTML, and other openoffice.org readable file formats to the PDF format. It will automatically install the supporting 'AnyToPDF' OpenOffice.org Basic macro library in the current user's OpenOffice.org configuration if it's not already present. Dedicated to peace, love, understanding and respect for all beings. IMPORTANT NEWSMany of the OpenOffice.org developers have moved to a forked project, Libr

Alertmepi - A perl interface to the AlertMe API

We Have Moved!It's a little easier for me to maintain things on GitHub these days, so please head over there for the latest version. IntroductionThe AlertMe Perl Interface project hosts a perl script designed to reduce the initial hurdle of controlling and obtaining data from the AlertMe home security and smart energy system. Please check the Installation wiki page to get started. OverviewThe script takes readings from and sends commands to your AlertMe hub via the AlertMe web API. It supports m

As2dacperl - ActionScript 2.0 Auto Commenting for JavaDoc and NaturalDocs

Generates documentation comment stubs for ActionScript source-code. Currently supports: ActionScript 2.0 Source Classes Interfaces Methods Public Properties NaturalDocs http://naturaldocs.org JavaDoc (for Doxygen, AS2Api and others, oh and apparently NaturalDocs) Please note this project is now obsoleteAS3 support has been added to the new version of the project at http://as3dac.googlecode.com/ - thank you.

As3dac - ActionScript 3.0 Auto Commenting for ASdoc

AS3DAC parses an AS3.0 class or instance file and adds asdoc documentation stubs. Follows the Flex SDK Coding Conventions where applicable. See the wiki for more details

Google-oaf - Google Open Automation Framework

The Open Automation Framework is a perl automated testing system to help you create, manage, and run automated tests on your software projects.

Spidey - Easy to use yet powerful Perl wrapper of HtmlUnit for web scraping

News: Waiting for my company to give me permission to release this as Open Source. Finger crossed! Spidey now available on CPAN. take the Spidey quick tutorial! Looking for co-developers: if interested please contact me. Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve - Charlie Chaplin Spidey (in Italian "ragnetto") is very easy-to-use a library that provides a browser object that lets the developer to interact with a website in a similar way a real browser would. In particular it provides subcommand