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Phpandallthat - PHP and All That - A bunch of PHP scripts and even serious programs

A collection of multipurpose PHP and other code. Jump to the object of your interest with navigation links: Subprojects' outlineANTLR PHP TargetJob crawlerLambda templatesDetached QuercusDownloadUsage Subprojects' outline Subproject

Phpftpautosync - Automatic ftp synchronization in PHP

The idea is simple - automatic FTP synchronization of files (much like the "weex" application, but with support for kernel notification events - inotify)

Lib-taskman - simple PHP library for project automation tasks

taskman is a simple PHP library for writing automation tasks in a similar with Ant and rake fashion. It's probably not that elegant as rake but if you want to stick to PHP and have Ant-alike functionality without any XML programming then taskman may turn out to be handy. taskman is very simple to use, it requires only one include, all its code resides in one PHP file, and it has no external dependencies. You can read the complete library documentation on the TaskmanUsage page. You can also read

Kontrollcomm - Kontrollcomm is an web-based application that automates command execution on servers.

The Kontrollcomm Engine – “Server Command Automation Interface� is a web-based application that automates command execution on servers. There are three main areas of the application: Hosts, Templates, and Commands. The use is very simple: all of your hosts are setup in the Host Control tab, and they have templates associated with them. Templates are comprised of a list of commands that are to be run. There are three main areas of the application: Hosts, Templates, and Commands. The use is

Php-mysql-master-slave-replication-monitor - PHP MySQL Master/Slave Replication Monitor

This is a class to monitor and repair MySQL Master/Slave Replication If setup on a cron job, it will not only check on the health of your MySQL Replication setup, but it can also be setup to automatically heal and restart the MySQL Replication. Self-Healing MySQL Replication is not a new idea, but this is a simple and clean implementation in PHP. Anyone familiar with PHP can modify this code to suit their needs and customize functionality.

Homemate - HomeMate - Home Automation and Control (for Heyu and other items)

HomeMate is a PHP based home automation control panel. It currently interfaces with HEYU for X10 devices.It can schedule lights to turn on / off at certain times during the day, control all of your X10 lights and Appliances from the web control panel.Future additions include an “AOL AIM Bot� to control your home from an Instant messenger, condition based options for the X10 motion control and support for other devices.As it stands it’s essentially a front end for HEYU with some additional

Eert - A general algorithm for general tree data structure.

It's easy, simple, powerful and free. ABOUTIt’s easy to use. It doesn’t like any other framework, like a black box, has a steep learning curve. It's transparent. Your whole project is presented in a tree structure. You only need to know couple things about how it can help you reuse your code or content. There is no configurations needed. It’s simple therefore reliable. It has only one file, about 90 lines of code. It’s powerful. The idea is that the world is built on a tree structure. It

Xtraupload - An advanced file-hosting platform, using PHP

Moving Project HostingWe are currently in the process of moving project hosting away from Google code to something with a bit more control and integration, stay tuned and follow us on twitter for the latest updates.

Vwan - Virtual WAN (Wide Area Network) built by automating OpenVPN management

Web-based management and automation of virtual WAN creation to allow multiple linux-based routers to join together private address space at multiple points of contact.