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Headlesseclipse - Generate headless builds of your application with Eclipse itself

NewsThe project is officially dead now. Both major contributor became Maven fan. If you feel like you would continue this project, mail to us, and we will grant you the permissions you need. Good luck, and go to use Maven :)1.1.8 published on 2010.01.14. See release notes for details InstallationUpdate site is moved to http://eclipse.indweb.hu. To install, use update manager of Eclipse. There are other plugins in this site, so use the following setting. Invite us for a beer AboutEclipse projects

Web-optimizator - WEBO Site SpeedUp — Performance Like a Game

33000+ websites were accelerated with WEBO Site SpeedUpSummaryThis application is aimed to automate all clientside improvements for website that should significantly increase load speed of its pages. DownloadLive DemoAbout WEBO Site SpeedUpAbout the Product Benefits Features System Requirements Supported CMS Installation Acceleration statistics Version Comparison Buy Now Product Support Discussion ListWEBO Site SpeedUp Change LogWeb Optimizer Change Log

Seq-to-qt - Automation for converting still image sequences into QuickTime movies

IntroductionIn January 2010, in several blog posts (1, 2, 3, 4) I discussed my progress toward automating the workflow of creating time-lapse movies from still image sequences on Windows. I used JScript+WSH for the original scripts because that's how the samples I started with were written. Then I rewrote the system in Python and extended it to provide "seamless" automation from end to end of the QuickTime part of my process. What It Doesseq-to-qt provides a set of functions that I am finding us

Androidecontrol - Migrate eControl to an Android App

To create a application for the Android operating system that allows for communication and control of a Crestron automation system.

Restaurantautomationsystem - automation of a restaurant

IMPORTANT READ BELOW FIRST In order to view the comments for the javadocs Menu and Table, you must visit: http://code.google.com/p/qwertyuioplmkoijnbhuygvcft/downloads/list Google code is not showing the real javadocs even though I have tried uploading it countless times. Sorry for any inconvenience. IMPORTANT READ ABOVE FIRST The purpose of this system is to completely revamp the way small to medium-sized restaurants operate in order to increase efficiency. This will be done by using automation

Testoriented - Test-Oriented Development and Debugging

The benefits of Test-Driven Development (TDD) can be appealing to many seeking to reduce the amount of time spent on a software project, but not all projects can implement the TDD methodology fully. A technique similar to TDD -- test-oriented development and debugging -- is implemented as an Eclipse plug-in to support this pragmatic approach so that it can help write high quality software. ScreenshotsInvoking the 'Generate test(s)' actionYou invoke the context menu on or inside the method you wi