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DocX is a .NET library written in C# which allows a developer to manipulate Word 2007 files in an easy and intuitive way.

Obsessivecomp - ObsessiveCompulsive: A small, floating, transparent on-screen checklist for simultan

ObsessiveCompulsive is a tool intended to combine multi-step task documentation with an onscreen visual prompting aid. As a programmer, I try to automate as much as possible via scripts, but some things simply have to be done by hand. For example, issuing a release for me is currently a 23-step process, combining many automated subtasks with other manual steps and verifications.I previously used a paper printout of the release procedure as my reference. The problem was that I tended to skip step

Eft - Easy Functional Testing tool for Windows

About EftEft is an acceptance and functional testing tool for Windows application. You can use it to test WIN32, Windows forms, WPF application and hopefully other applications. Eft is currently build upon Win32 api and Windows UIAutomation framework in .net 3.0. It supports W3C CSS selector like syntax to locate Window and Control in an application, and related operations on them. It also provides many handy functionality for you to automate the testing of your application. Getting startedView

Latebindinghelper - Simple helper class for late binding operations in c#

Simple library which aims to simplify late binding calls with C# Make simple late binding calls using a fluent interface: IDynamic myObject = BindingFactory.CreateObjectBinding("CoreAssembly", "CExecutionManager");int size = myObject.Property("CommandExecuter").Get<IDynamic>() .Method("Execute").AddParameter("GET SIZE").Invoke<int>();Please check the Usage page for the help on using this library. A deeply description of the 1. version of the library is available at CodeProject: Late Binding Help

Unit-testing-sharepoint2010-moles - unit testing SharePoint 2010 with Moles

The project demonstrates the usage of Moles and Behaved types for unit testing SharePoint 2010 code. You can read the article which explains the development of the tests in more details at: http://kbochevski.blogspot.com/2011/05/unit-testing-sharepoint-2010-with-moles.html

Vulcan - Continuous Integration, Build &amp; Release management software

IntroductionVulcan provides ContinuousIntegration and BuildAndRelease services in a web application which can easily by accessed and navigated by developers, project managers and stakeholders. Notification plugins publish reports on desired build outcomes over RssFeed and EmailNotification. Vulcan runs in a standard JEE Web Application Server, like Apache Tomcat or BEA WebLogic. Notes on latest release Users wishing to live on the edge can download the latest snapshot. Live DemoScreen shots are

Whistler - Teach your bird to whistle!

Do you have a bird and want to teach it to whistle but lack the willpower to repeat the same bar of a song over and over again? Have a computer? Well, using this program you can record a sound, and automatically have it played to your bird all day long.