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Watirrecordersharp - An IE scrapper for Watir written in C# (Fork from WatirRecorder)

Watir-Recorder-SharpDownload Here What it isThis is a simple scrapper for Internet Explorer to grab browser activity and output it as WATIR commands. NoteScott Hanselman created an awesome recorder for the first time Watir user in Watir Recorder. This is just a fork of the current SVN trunk as of 2010-11-04 with some new bug fixes and updates. ReleaseNotes for 20101201 release can be found here... Future ReleaseThese are the highest priorities: Remove Sandbar and Sanddock APIs from Code Move ove

Obsessivecomp - ObsessiveCompulsive: A small, floating, transparent on-screen checklist for simultan

ObsessiveCompulsive is a tool intended to combine multi-step task documentation with an onscreen visual prompting aid. As a programmer, I try to automate as much as possible via scripts, but some things simply have to be done by hand. For example, issuing a release for me is currently a 23-step process, combining many automated subtasks with other manual steps and verifications.I previously used a paper printout of the release procedure as my reference. The problem was that I tended to skip step

Genifer - Genifer -- general inference engine

Genifer is a general inference engine based on logic and inductive learning, with an emphasis on self-programming. Its aim is to be universally applicable both as an embedded software component and as a high-level operating system and environment. News / Blog Live Chat - #Genifer on IRC.Freenode.Net Discussion Group Introductory Slides Online Book describing the AI theory behind Genifer The current Prototype (v1) consists of: 1) a simple NL (English) interface 2) deduction, including deductive p

Latebindinghelper - Simple helper class for late binding operations in c#

Simple library which aims to simplify late binding calls with C# Make simple late binding calls using a fluent interface: IDynamic myObject = BindingFactory.CreateObjectBinding("CoreAssembly", "CExecutionManager");int size = myObject.Property("CommandExecuter").Get<IDynamic>() .Method("Execute").AddParameter("GET SIZE").Invoke<int>();Please check the Usage page for the help on using this library. A deeply description of the 1. version of the library is available at CodeProject: Late Binding Help

Unit-testing-sharepoint2010-moles - unit testing SharePoint 2010 with Moles

The project demonstrates the usage of Moles and Behaved types for unit testing SharePoint 2010 code. You can read the article which explains the development of the tests in more details at: http://kbochevski.blogspot.com/2011/05/unit-testing-sharepoint-2010-with-moles.html

Sharprobotremoteserver - A generic remote library server .NET implementation for Robot Framework

OverviewThis project offers a generic remote server for Robot Framework, implemented in .NET, for use in creating remote libraries. It can alternatively be used for other purposes outside of Robot Framework. Remote server requires the XML-RPC.NET library for .NET. Please read RemoteServerDetails page for installation, usage, and details about the remote library server. Also see SharpRobotRemoteServerIdeas for some ideas on what we could do with this server. News2011-03-17 Added keyword documenta

Theater-at-home - Theater@Home HTPC Video Front-end

Theater@Home is an open source HTPC video front-end that allows users to manage, browse, and play their video collection with ease.The application is written in C# (.NET 2.0) and utilizes mySQL for database storage.

Wix-standardizer - Standardize WiX projects within an organization.

WiX Standardizer can standardize not only the information in the MSI's, but also the general format of the WXS files. An example of this would be removing the Guid from all the component elements so that the default is use, or placing the feature inline with the comments instead of a feature list at the end, as well as setting the Manufacturer in one place and having it uniform throughout all MSI's in the organization. It achieves this through the use of a settings file that is either created by

Harness - Internet Explorer Automation

Harness is Browser Automation and Automated Web Application Testing COM Library (Common Object Library)