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qunit - An easy-to-use JavaScript Unit Testing Framework

QUnit is a powerful, easy-to-use, JavaScript unit testing framework. It's used by the jQuery project to test its code and plugins but is capable of testing any generic JavaScript code (and even capable of testing JavaScript code on the server-side).

Mocha - JavaScript Test Framework

Mocha is a feature-rich JavaScript test framework running on node.js and the browser, making asynchronous testing simple and fun. Mocha tests run serially, allowing for flexible and accurate reporting, while mapping uncaught exceptions to the correct test cases.

Jasmine - A JavaScript Testing Framework

Jasmine is a Behavior Driven Development testing framework for JavaScript. It does not rely on browsers, DOM, or any JavaScript framework. Thus it's suited for websites, Node.js projects, or anywhere that JavaScript can run.

Postman - A chrome addon, helps to test web services

Postman is a powerful HTTP client to help test web services easily and efficiently. Postman let's you craft simple as well as complex HTTP requests quickly. It also saves requests for future use so that you never have to repeat your keystrokes ever again.

Karma - Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript

Karma is essentially a tool which spawns a web server that executes source code against test code for each of the browsers connected. The results for each test against each browser are examined and displayed via the command line to the developer such that they can see which browsers and tests passed or failed. It is a simple tool that allows you to execute JavaScript code in multiple real browsers.

Js-test-driver - Remote javascript console

The goal of JsTestDriver is to build a JavaScript test runner which easily integrates with continuous builds systems and allows running tests on multiple browsers quickly to ease TDD style development. It supports Command Line Control, Parallel Test Executions Across Browsers, Fast Tests Execution etc..

Web-optimizator - WEBO Site SpeedUp — Performance Like a Game

33000+ websites were accelerated with WEBO Site SpeedUpSummaryThis application is aimed to automate all clientside improvements for website that should significantly increase load speed of its pages. DownloadLive DemoAbout WEBO Site SpeedUpAbout the Product Benefits Features System Requirements Supported CMS Installation Acceleration statistics Version Comparison Buy Now Product Support Discussion ListWEBO Site SpeedUp Change LogWeb Optimizer Change Log

Launchorz - Powerful JavaScript libraries for Win32 automation!

Please see documentation at http://b3nf.com/codepages/lnz/index.html . Write JavaScript scripts to automate nearly anything in Windows: open programs, simulate keystrokes, simulate mouse movements and clicks, and work with files. Comes with a dedicated code editor with built-in documentation, tooltips, and autocomplete. Language includes dialog boxes for interactive scripts and can be used as a general programming language. test.js: Process.open('notepad.exe')Time.sleep(500);Keyboard.send('hello

Programmable-digital-timer - Interactive Timer Web Gadget Interface

A Web Gadget which is a Preset Timer. This can be Programmed from any Browser. It can also be modified to control external outputs. This project will only be a Web Gadget for Education, it will not have any external interface. The advantage of a Web Control is that the Industrial Process or Home Automation can be monitored and controlled on any computer including tablets or PDA which has a Browser. The Plant Automation or Home Appliance can be monitored or regulated even as you travel back from