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Buck - An Android build tool from Facebook

Buck is a build system for Android that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules consisting of code and resources. Because Android applications are predominantly written in Java, Buck also functions as a Java build system. Buck builds independent artifacts in parallel to take advantage of multiple cores. Further, it reduces incremental build times by keeping track of unchanged modules so that the minimal set of modules is rebuilt.

Androbuntu - Android-integrated Home Automation using Ubuntu/GNOME

Androbuntu is an open source utility for remote control of a GNOME desktop, targeted specifically at Ubuntu Linux. It consists of two components Ubuntu server and Android client. It uses the XFree86 "media keys" for playback and volume control.

Calaos - Home Automation Software

Calaos is a free software project (GPLv3) that lets you control and monitor your home. You can easily install and use it to transform your home into a smart home. Calaos has a long background in home automation and is built in several different layers. Low level as well as uniform and powerful user interfaces. It knows how to talk to hardware, and gives you the power to rule your home easily.

Madara - Multi-Agent Distributed Adaptive Resource Allocation

Madara - Multi-Agent Distributed Adaptive Resource AllocationProject DescriptionThe purpose of the project is to develop a real-time, fault tolerant agent-based middleware specifically for resource allocation and distributed knowledge and reasoning. MADARA will be composed of several pieces of middleware, and the first of these is the Knowledge and Reasoning Language Engine (KaRL Engine or KaRLE). On top of the KaRL engine, we have developed a distributed, automated testing infrastructure called

Lijiecoderepository - Code repository from li jie for easy code tracking

This code repository includes some small projects from Li Jie for personal coding interest. Current project list: itunes2android: iTunes for Android phones, to synchronize iTunes library to your android phones. For those switching from iPhone to Android. General Information about itunes2android Alpha release note of itunes2android Beta release note of itunes2android foreign currency exchange rate widget: Information about foreign currency exchange rate widget Chinese TV program widget: Any comme

Androidecontrol - Migrate eControl to an Android App

To create a application for the Android operating system that allows for communication and control of a Crestron automation system.

No-pain-no-game - A mobile approach to childhood obesity prevention

OverviewNo Pain No Game is an Android app that encourages children to become active through reward based incentives. The more active the user is, the more screen time they accumulate. They can enable an outlet in the house by communicating with an application specific web server written in Python that controls home automation hardware. The user's activity is tracked by using the phone's accelerometers as a pedometer. Reading information pertaining to exercise and nutrition that is dynamically su

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