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Startappusb - Start App USB

Tool to start and stop applications on an USB flash drive

U2tool - Universal USB Tool

Open source support for the U2TOOL Universal USB Tool family of products

Tomato-usb-mod - Tomato Custom Firmware Modifications with USB Support

Unofficial modifications to Tomato Firmware (developed by Jonathan Zarate) ND ("new driver") versions to include USB Storage and Printing Support for wireless routers with USB ports based on Broadcom chipset.

Freejalduino - This is an Arduino like board, based on PIC18F2550

FreeJALduino It can be programmed in Arduino language via Pinguino IDE of Jean-Pierre Mandon, JAL language, Swordfish Basic, Proton+ Basic or any other PIC language. (BTW, anyone knows what is happening with Swordfish Basic?) JAL code exampleinclude freejalduino4 -- the board pinout definitions, PICtarget, clock and boot-- delay libraryinclude delayenable_digital_io() -- all pins are now digitalD13_direction = OUTPUT -- set pin RC2/D13 as outputforever loop D13 = HIGH delay_1ms(250) -- delay 250

Bthmsdevemul - Bluetooth for Microsoft Device Emulator

Bluetooth for Microsoft Device Emulator enables Bluetooth communication from and to the emulator. Please refer to README to get started. Ру��ка� вер�и� также до�тупна. Your questions and comments are welcome. Please send them to bthmsdevemul@googlegroups.com. Check out regularly the project's group for answers.

Internal-external-embedded-dedicated-accelerator - FPGA dedicated to PC applications and embedded sy

FPGA card externally plugged to PC via Serial/USB and eventually internally via PCI-Express for specific applications such as : Scientific calculator (for tests) ADN / PROTEIN Analyzer Benchmarks will be made to demonstrate the utility of the project.

Cui32 - A DIY USB interface with a PIC32 microcontroller

The CUI32 is a new version of the CREATE USB Interface, based on a 32-bit PIC microcontroller. The CUI32 homepage, forum, and community blog is here: http://www.overtone-labs.com/ and you can buy a CUI32 board for $39.95 (less in quantity) here: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=9645 The board can be powered by USB, or by a battery / external supply, and the prototyping section of the board can be broken-off in order to make the size smaller if desired. The CUI32 ship

Csharp-usb-hid-driver - Enables you to communicate with an USB Human Interface Device (written in c#

This Library connects your Human Interface USB Device to your CSharp (or other Visual Studio) project / application. For more information see my Blog post about the csharp USB HID driver If you have made any changes to the project or build a cool project or example please let me know. If you have questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me: mail@florian-leitner.de If you like the library maybe you want to give something in return:Wishlist You can download the library here: http://www.

Garminusb - .NET Usb library to connect to Garmin GPS devices.

This project is to allow .Net developers to create applications that can connect to Garmin GPS devices that use a usb connection. It was specifically started for use with a GPSMAP 60CSX.