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Wowclsp - WoW Combatlog Splitter

Splits very big combatlogs from World of Warcraft to Raid Events!

Stefanvd - Windows and Google Desktop Gadgets by Stefan vd

Welcome Here all my Open Source gadgets. And my doc and code. If you see a issue (a bug) on one of my Google Gadget or Windows Gadget please report this on the 'Issues' page. Populare Google Gadget of Stefan gadget: Fast Shutdown, Office Tools, Windows Dock, Date Today, Hard Disk, CPU Check and Memory Check. Populare Windows Gadget of Stefan gadget: Artesis Clock, Stad A Hard Disk, VTM The News video. If you got a idea to add in a existing or new gadget, say it! (place it on the 'Issues' page)

Tune-spider - Tune your web pages Spider friendly!

Search Engine Optimization Properties, Tools, Ethical Techniques & AlgorithmsNowadays Search Engine Optimization or SEO has become an essential part of a web design and development. Every one who owns a website try to place their website in the search engine's first result page, because websites are becoming the best marketing medium. In the past, if some keywords and a description were inserted related to the website, to the HTML meta tags, the site was listed in the major search engines. Howev

Svndiff3 - Small shim for interfacing your own diff3 without resorting to script language

This small utility applet is written in C++ to keep the interface layering to a minimum when integrating your own diff3 program (such as Kdiff3) into Subversion or TortoiseSVN. Subversion allows you to configure it to plug in a different diff3 program. Most people will use a script file, but when running with TortoiseSVN, this can be very painful. For every merge, a separate command console is launched and the interface script file is executed to launch kdiff3. When merging hundreds or thousands

Tools-n-stuff - Collection of some Misc Tools & other stuff

This is the collection of misc tools and other stuff. If you find these are interesting or useful, feel free to use

Tools4clinicaltrialfans - Practical Tools Development for Clinical Trial Fans

Develop practical tools for clinical trial fans to faciliatate their work and improve the work effciency and work flow.

Toolwebsite - Small website which provides tools and ressources for computer sciences' students

The purpose of this project is to create a small website that provides tools and resources, especially for computer sciences' students of Paris Descartes IUT.

Gadgets4googledesktop - Google Desktop Gadgets

This project contains many desktop gadgets for google desktop software.