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Openstim - Audio signal generation software written in Java

OpenStimOpenStim is an audio signal generation software written in Java. It is intended to serve as signal source for custom electrostimulation. While commercial TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator) or EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) devices offer only a small set of fixed patterns this software allows you to create almost every pattern you can imagine. The purpose of electrostimulation is not only pain control and relaxation, it also has erotic aspects. However this software is on

Audiotools - Audio Tools, Signal generator, Oscilloscope

Audio ToolsAudio tools for testing audio equipment in conjunction with a PC. Windows and Mac versions have been released. Display shows frequency and relative level. Absolute level is not possible because of all the variables in the sound system. Audio Signal Generator Frequency range 10Hz - 25KHz Level range -6.0dB - -80dB UsingThe frequency knob responds to mouse dragging. It is possible to twirl it using the mouse. The fine frequency and level sliders allow for fine adjustments of frequency a

Digital-signal-analysis - Easy to use java based Digital Signal Analysis software

Fourier Transform is one of the basic tools to analysis a large scale of problems related to time-series analysis. There are very few free open source software which can be use in any platform for Fourier Transform and Power Spectral analysis with simple input and output. This tool can only be used by click of mouse i.e. user need not to learn Matlab or R only for Fourier Transform. Here in this tool Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) is implemented with various window function for Power spectrum anal

Essential-c - Essential C Libraries for Developers

IntroductionI began writing what would become this library back in 2004. At the time, I was developing a semi-structured database called Spinneret, which was to be a sensical merging of the relational database concepts that I had utilized throughout my life and the native XML concept which I helped to pioneer. It would have featured dynamic storage and flexible data representation (JSON, XML, YAML, etc). Unfortunately, Spinneret was never to be, so this code sat around for quite some time before

Arduignon-sensors - Climate control for champignon cultivation chambers - Semsors.

Based on an existing project (http://www.instructables.com/id/Environmental-Mushroom-Control-Arduino-Powered/), I'm intending to build a complete climate control, that will use pre-defined parameter curves for different champignon strains, controlling temperature, humidity, CO2, ventilation, and so on. For this, a standard chamber will be developed for optimal energy consumption, insulation, ventilation, costs, etc... Here I will discuss and share different approaches for temperature, humidity,

Zulupro - Analyzing performence of zulutrade signial provider

Zulutrade is a forex signal system. It does not provide signals directly. Instead, it is like a agent, the signals are provided by "Singal Providers" registered in their system. Thus, whether a signal is good or not is determined by the provider, not zulu the agent. That is really a good idea to do business. Anyway, you can see details in their homepage This Project focuses on the performance of signal providers. It will analyze their history records, mark them, and recommend feesible strategies

Java-signal-framework - Java Signal Framework

The Signal Framework provides a model for connecting and processing java object streams.

Qt-sota - SOTA

SOTA is "(S)ignals (O)ver (T)CP/IP (A)PI" 2010.12.22. Added helper function to acquire caller ip from slot. Function name is sota::caller_address. 2010.12.21. Added XML stream support (via sota::Xml flag in sota::connect() on sender side). XML stream format is portable and theoretically can be used without Qt. By default flag is set to sota::DataStream which is not portable and requires Qt 4.2+ to parse it.