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Jscols - A library of collection classes for JavaScript

js_colsjs_cols is a JavaScript collections library providing implementations of Lists, FIFO queues, LIFO Stacks, Priority Queues, sorted and unsorted Sets and Maps, Bags (Multi Sets) and Multi Maps. The goal of the project is to add functionality to the JavaScript language, similar to that of java.util.Collections (for Java) and the C5 Library (for C#). The Library stands alone and should be easy integratable in all kinds of JavaScript projects. Even though the js_cols library is independent of

Xlcontainers - Streamlet Containers

This is my implement of STL-style containers, including a dynamic array, a double-linked list and an r-b-tree. Just for practice. Please feel free to contact me if you find any issue or have any suggestion. Thanks.

Audiotools - Audio Tools, Signal generator, Oscilloscope

Audio ToolsAudio tools for testing audio equipment in conjunction with a PC. Windows and Mac versions have been released. Display shows frequency and relative level. Absolute level is not possible because of all the variables in the sound system. Audio Signal Generator Frequency range 10Hz - 25KHz Level range -6.0dB - -80dB UsingThe frequency knob responds to mouse dragging. It is possible to twirl it using the mouse. The fine frequency and level sliders allow for fine adjustments of frequency a

Jgraphclique - Graph Clique problem and Independent set case

This project is part of the UEL`s Computing Theory class and is a JGraph based program that prints Graphs NP-completeness problems, such the Clique problem and the Independent Set problem.

Setflex - A Flex version of game Set

Felt like coding a small game in flex. Set is a interesting card game that is simplistic yet challenging. You have 12 cards laid out, each card has 4 different attributes: Color, Shape, Number and Shading. The point of the game is to pick 3 cards and of these each cards, each attributes must either all be the same, or all be different. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Set_(game)