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Galileocpelyon - Galiléo CPE Lyon

Galiléo - CPE LyonPrésentationAprès avoir longtemps lancé avec succès des fusées dans le cadre d'une compétition organisée par l'ANSTJ (Association Nationale des Sciences et Techniques Jeunesse), le club Galileo s'est progressivement transformé en un club de robotique participant à la Coupe de France de Robotique. Ce club est une association à but non lucratif (tel que le définit la loi de 1901) qui regroupe des élèves ingénieurs de CPE Lyon, une école d'ingénieur formant en Chi

Triosdomotica - embedded domotica system

written in C with RIDE7 IDE target cortex STM32

Lxyppc-tetrix - Play the tetris game on the USB camera use STM32

用摄�头玩俄罗斯方�用STM32虚拟出一个摄�头设备,并在这个摄�头上玩俄罗斯方� 效果如下: �入电脑�会多出一个USB摄�头设备,打开这个摄�头�以看到俄罗斯方�的界� 讨论:http://bbs.21ic.com/icview-163992-1-1.html Camrea TetrisUse the STM32 to simulate a USB camera And play the classic tetris game on it 开��:

Fira-mirosot-robot - A Mini Smart Car with a Camera for learning Embedded Control

本项目旨在: 为学习嵌入å¼�控制的学生æ��供一个平å�°ï¼Œä»¥æ��高学习的兴趣,辅助他们掌æ�¡åµŒå…¥å¼�编程的技能。嵌入å¼�控制中,机器人 无疑是最å�¸å¼•äººçš„,而 机器人足ç�ƒ 是众多机器人活动中最有趣的,也最具挑战性。å�Œæ—¶å®ƒæ‰€è•´å�«çš„计算机知识最广,所能æ��供的学习素æ��最多。所以选择机器人足ç�ƒä½œä¸ºé¡¹ç›®çš„核心需求。 因为是以学习为目的,ä¸�希望让学生在硬件上花费太多,æ•

Fixpointlib - Developing more robust and faster fixed-point routines with today's compilers

IntroductionFixed point math library contains High Accuracy Mathematical Functions that are developed as an easy-to-use library, which has to be linked to the user's application. These routines are typically used in computationally intensive real-time applications where optimal execution speed and high accuracy is critical.By using these routines you can achieve execution speeds considerable faster than equivalent code written in standard ANSI C language. Supporting FunctionsTrigonometric Functi

Flacie - FLAC decoder implementation for ARM Cortex-M3 controllers

FLACie is a FLAC decoder implementation for ARM Cortex-M3 controllers. The official FLAC implementation was used as starting point with the intention of making the decoder run on an ARMv7-M core (A.K.A Cortex-M3).

Dsonano - DSO Nano - Open source Digital Oscilloscope based on STM32

DSO Nano v2 is a Digital Storage Oscilloscope designed for basic electronic engineering tasks. Within its smart shell, the device runs on ARM Cortexâ„¢-M3 32 bit platform, provides basic waveform monitoring with extensive functions. It equips 320*240 color LCD, micro SD card storage, portable probes, LiPo Battery, USB connection and signal generator. Due to palm size and handy performance, it fits in-field diagnosis, quick measurement, hobbyist projects and wherever convenience matters. Scheme a

Wallig - STM32 framework

The original goal of this projet was to write a software of a robot based on a remote controlled Wall-e toy. (on a STM32 Cortex M3 µC ). Now the first step is to write basic drivers and library which are able to run on linux pc or arm board. UART Driver (linux , STM32 ) Timer (linux , STM32 ) IP Stack ( using uIP ) (linux , STM32 ) Trace Library ( send traces on udp, serial or in log file ) (linux , STM32 ) Fat ( using chan fat ) (linux , STM32 ) Spi Driver (STM32 ) SdCard library (STM32 ) ADC

Stm32-tutorial - Software Development Tutorial based on STM32 and GNU tools

This project is a good tutorial for the guys without too much experience about ARM Cortex-M3 and GNU tool chains. It starts with several very simple applications without OS, without "STM32 Standard Peripherals Library", to several applications based on "STM32 Standard Peripherals Library", and then demonstrates how to write applications based on ECOS.