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Weaponsgradekavelaars - Weaponsgrade Kavelaars Autonomous Sentry Gun

Autonomous Sentry Gun ProjectWelcome to the project(03/05/10) Version 3.1a is up!The software is now universal for the following protocols: - Pololu 16channel USB - MiniSSC - Micro Maestro We're hoping to have Arduino and FPGA controllers integrated shortly. If you're interested in finding out more, please head to our forum at: http://members.upc.nl/a.kutsenko/feedback.htm For images and video head to http://members.upc.nl/a.kutsenko/pictures.htm - The Weaponsgrade Kavelaars. Project WishlistIf

Android-mbed-racer - Control your mbed Pololu m3pi robot with this Android app over bluetooth.

The code for the mbed Robot Racing app is here. Use this app to control your mbed powered Pololu m3pi robot with either your phone's accelerometers or using the touch controls. For more information go to www.mbed.org. From this site you will be able to download the binary files needed to program the mbed microcontroller on the robot. Feel free to modify the code for your own projects. This app is also available on the Android market place, just search for mbed robot racing. (Note: app needs andr

Usb-scope - Oscilloscope GUI for the Pololu USB Programmer

The Pololu USB Programmer device includes two extra ports that can sample analog data at 10KHz. Pololu has created a Windows-only oscilloscope utility. However, now that robotics is attracting more and more 'software types', a cross-platform version SLOscope is essential. This project provides both a configuration utility for the USB device, and a 'wxWidgets-based' SLOscope oscilloscope GUI. While Pololu have provided some help (like hardware specs, and moral support), this is a totally independ

Roll-o - A collection of tools for my robot project

This is a collection of software for my Linux-based robot project, 'roll-o'. roll-o himself is a BeagleBoard running a light version of Ubuntu Linux. The software herein is not necessarily tied to any distribution of Linux or even the BeagleBoard. Initially the project entails Python scripts, for controlling motors over serial (starting with a dual motor controller, Pololu TReX Jr), using a WiiMote. I'm using the pyserial and python-cwiid libraries as bases for these tasks.

Servomaster - ServoMaster is a project dedicated to providing a consistent hardware independent way

Provides common abstraction level for controlling R/C servo controllers (and possibly stepper controllers), transition and coordinate transformers, and specific device driver implementations. To date, two generic classes of devices are supported (serial and USB), and for each several specific device drivers written, with high degree of reusability. Main project site is at http://servomaster.sourceforge.net/. News related to this project (and other subprojects of DIY Zoning) are posted at the DIY