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Freejalduino - This is an Arduino like board, based on PIC18F2550

FreeJALduino It can be programmed in Arduino language via Pinguino IDE of Jean-Pierre Mandon, JAL language, Swordfish Basic, Proton+ Basic or any other PIC language. (BTW, anyone knows what is happening with Swordfish Basic?) JAL code exampleinclude freejalduino4 -- the board pinout definitions, PICtarget, clock and boot-- delay libraryinclude delayenable_digital_io() -- all pins are now digitalD13_direction = OUTPUT -- set pin RC2/D13 as outputforever loop D13 = HIGH delay_1ms(250) -- delay 250

Pinguino-p8-experiment - Finding alternatives for a better 8 bits Pinguino bootloader and developmen

The main goal is to adapt or make better tools for the actual (Aug.30, 2011) Pinguino 8bits boards and software. The project will propose a little hardware changes to the board and will come with smaller bootloaders in order to obtain a viable Pinguino for anyone. And in the end, we will try to use the best free C compiler available on market. Hopefully, the guys from Pinguino project of Jean-Pierre Mandon will find something useful here and will apply the changes on their project. Actually, we

Cimbulo - Physical hacking device using HID keyboard emulation

The goal of this project is create firmware and user space software for cimbulo, the physical hacking HID keyboard device. This tool will be able to read character series from files hosted into a memory card and send those keystrokes through USB using an emulated HID keyboard. This hardware is based on PIC18F4550.

Ad-converter-linux-driver - A Linux driver for PIC18F4550 analog to digital converter

Academic project for Warsaw University of Technology, faculty of Electronics, subject STER. Linux driver for PIC18F4550: http://www.ise.pw.edu.pl/~wzab/opiclab/