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Lcpd-scope - Low Cost PCI Digital Oscilloscope

A digital Oscilloscope based on the Raggedstone PCI FPGA card. This project includes all analog simulations VHDL, Linux driver and java application code.

Usb-scope - Oscilloscope GUI for the Pololu USB Programmer

The Pololu USB Programmer device includes two extra ports that can sample analog data at 10KHz. Pololu has created a Windows-only oscilloscope utility. However, now that robotics is attracting more and more 'software types', a cross-platform version SLOscope is essential. This project provides both a configuration utility for the USB device, and a 'wxWidgets-based' SLOscope oscilloscope GUI. While Pololu have provided some help (like hardware specs, and moral support), this is a totally independ